Founded in 1999, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) is dedicated to fighting the world’s toughest cancer. In our urgent mission to save lives, we attack pancreatic cancer on all fronts: research, clinical initiatives, patient services and advocacy.

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Learn How Clinical Trials Can Help

Pancreatic cancer patients who participate in clinical research have better outcomes. Every treatment available today was approved through a clinical trial. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network strongly recommends clinical trials at diagnosis and during every treatment decision.

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Our Goal: Improve Patient Outcomes

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S., killing more people than breast cancer. Our vision drives our urgent mission to save lives.

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Revolutionary Clinical Trials Platform

Precision Promise is PanCAN’s groundbreaking platform designed to accelerate new pancreatic cancer treatment options.

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PurpleStride Walk/Run Events

Join supporters nationwide to raise funds and awareness in the walk to end pancreatic cancer.

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Right Track Ensures Best Treatment Outcomes

The Right Track model focuses on key steps any cancer patient should take to ensure the best treatment outcome.

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Patients will see a brighter future when we can fund more research breakthroughs, advance more treatment options and increase the national dialogue for the disease.

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