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We regularly evaluate our Research Grants Program in order to ensure that we are fulfilling our aim to expand knowledge about pancreatic cancer, bring more researchers into the field and benefit current and future patients fighting the disease. Our latest evaluation showed that our research grant recipients continue to thrive in the field of pancreatic cancer research, bringing us closer to our goal of improving patient outcomes.

Our evaluation entails systematically examining our grantees’ success in generating additional funding for pancreatic cancer research, publishing their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals and having their research cited in other publications. All of these achievements help further scientific knowledge on pancreatic cancer.

In 2017, we evaluated grants awarded from 2003 to 2015: 122 grants to 123 researchers, totaling over $28.2 million. We found that our grantees leveraged the $28.2 million awarded by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network into an amazing $311 million in subsequent funding to support their pancreatic cancer research. That means that for every dollar awarded by our organization, our grantees have secured an average of $11.01 to fund research aimed at improving our ability to understand, diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer.

The 123 grantees we evaluated authored a remarkable 1,983 articles in peer-reviewed biomedical journals. Over 100 of these articles were published in high-impact journals, which are widely read and contain articles that are frequently cited. In fact, our grantees’ articles have already been cited more than 11,088 times in other papers published in biomedical journals, which means other researchers are reading, learning from and building upon our grantees’ work.

In addition to receiving financial support for their research projects, grantees participate in the organization’s Community for Progress, which provides connections and mentorships with leading scientists in the field. Ongoing career support activities offer opportunities for training, information exchange, collaborations and other professional development activities to help keep the pancreatic cancer community of researchers committed and involved. Our grantees have routinely expressed that inclusion in our Community for Progress is highly beneficial to their careers and research programs.

As an organization, we will continue to gauge how well our grantees are leveraging the more than $47 million we have awarded since 2003 and expanding the reach and impact of their scientific findings. It is important to us to ensure sound stewardship of our research grant investment and provide a measure of accountability to our constituents. The results of this most recent evaluation show that our grant recipients are growing the field of pancreatic cancer research exponentially and moving us ever closer to meeting our goal of improving patient outcomes.