Voices of Hope was created by teen volunteer Eric Doppelt to create more awareness around pancreatic cancer. The project gives pancreatic cancer survivors and youngsters a voice and an opportunity to be heard in a unique way.

Survivors and youth advocates create audio recordings of their conversations about how pancreatic cancer has affected their lives. The two points of view produce an interesting and moving commentary that brings to life the personal thoughts, emotions and experiences of people fighting this disease.

Listen to the audio recordings below and refer to our FAQ, Interview Tips and Interview Questions for helpful hints and inspiration. If you would like to join the conversation or learn more about Voices of Hope, please contact Eric at e.a.doppelt@gmail.com. Plus, you can also learn more about Eric.

Kites Fly High to Fight Cancer

Caring for a pancreatic cancer patient can be a difficult journey.

9 Tips for Caregivers from Caregivers

NFL Prospects Raising Funds for PanCAN

Innovation in Action: Precision Promise Update

The FDA approved Lutathera® for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs)

18-Year PNET Survivor: “Lutathera® Absolutely Saved My Life”

Friday Fix: Dietary Plans for Whipple Recipients

Study Shows Quality of Life Impacts Survival

Love at First Lab Meeting

Supporting Caregivers as They Care for Others

Paul E. Oberstein, MD

Grantee Named NYU’s New Director of GI Cancer Research

Friday Fix: Heart-Healthy Recipes

Singer-songwriter Erin Willett invited pancreatic cancer survivors and caregivers to sing the chorus on her latest single.

Choir of Survivors Sings Chorus to Erin Willett’s Latest Song

Running Around the World in 7 Days

PanCAN Turns 19: Use Facebook to Donate on Your Birthday

85-Year-Old Survivor Keeps Super Bowl Tradition Alive

Raising Awareness for Pancreatic Cancer on World Cancer Day

Remembering NFL Stars Affected by Pancreatic Cancer

Friday Fix: Let’s Talk Fiber

Black History Month: Remembering Trailblazers Who Passed of Pancreatic Cancer

Team Papa Z, a Chicago-based fundraising team led by Allison Zalesny, holds dozens of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network fundraisers every single year.

Whether $25 or $25,000, Here Are 25 Ways to Fundraise

5 Key Facts about PNETs

The First 365: Getting through the Initial Year of Grief

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro with His Physician

Friday Fix: The Alkaline Diet

The FDA approved Lutathera® for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs)

Lutathera® Drug Approved for Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

The Flu and You: 4 Ways to Stay Healthy as Flu Season Peaks

Clinical Trial Participant Encourages Patients to Actively Seek Clinical Trials

How Cancer Changed One Senator’s Perspective

What Does a Government Shutdown Mean to Our Community?

6 Things to Know about the CancerSEEK Test and Early Detection

PanCAN’s Precision Medicine Results Featured at Major Meeting

Can a Blood Test Lead to Early Detection?

Friday Fix: Paleo-diet, Healthy or Harmful?

Diverse Patient Participation Crucial for New Treatment Options

Timothy Wang, MD

Grantee’s Work Explains Stress in Disease Progression

Largest Gift in PanCAN History Is a Powerful Testament to Donor’s Commitment to Innovation, Impact

Friday Fix: Low-Fat Diets May Lower Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

CEO Julie Fleshman Talks Clinical Trials on HuffPost

9-Year Survivor Says Clinical Trials Saved His Life

Prominent Neuroscientist Ben Barres Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

The Critical Role of Patients in Clinical Trials

Friday Fix: Do Vegetarian Diets Reduce Cancer Risk?

Survivor Story: Robert Mara

New Report Highlights Pancreatic Cancer Prevalence

Resolutions and Risk Factors: A Healthier You in 2018

Son Honors Mother with Free Car Service for Cancer Patients

Help Raise Awareness for Clinical Trials

Staying Hopeful, Positive: A Resolution for the New Year

2017 Year in Review: Best of Social Media

2017 Year in Review: Advocacy in Action

Friday Fix: 5 Nutrition Tips for the New Year

2017 Year in Review: DIY Fundraisers Set a High Bar

A Tribute to Lives Lost to Pancreatic Cancer in 2017

2017 Year in Review: PurpleStride Goes the Extra Mile

2017 Year in Review: Volunteers

Reality Star Tori Deal visits PanCAN

An Unexpected Discovery Leads a Mom to Fulfill a Promise

2017 Year in Review: Top 10 News Stories

2017 Year in Review: PanCAN in the News

Friday Fix: Managing Nutritional Needs during the Holidays

researcher in lab

2017 Year in Review: Progress in Research, Part 2

The FDA approved Lutathera® for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs)

Keytruda Drug Is Science Breakthrough of the Year Runner-up

Honolulu Marathon Runner Raises $2k to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

2017 Year in Review: Progress in Research, Part 1

PanCAN volunteers in Denver worked the pancreatic cancer hotline at 9NEWS TV station

Denver Volunteers Work Hotline with 9NEWS

6 Tips to Manage Stress Over the Holidays and Beyond

Hospital Women’s Pavilion Keeps Nurse’s Legacy Alive

8 Travel Tips for Patients

Consumer Reports Rates PanCAN Top Charity for Giving

Friday Fix: How to Lighten Up Traditional Holiday Foods

Being Hopeful Is at Core of Fighting Cancer

The NCI Funds Early Detection

Survivors Share Words of Inspiration, Hope

PanCAN Welcomes New Board Member

Finding the Right Clinical Trial for You

Friday Fix: Healthy Holiday Traditions

Coping with Pancreatic Cancer During the Holidays

7 Ways to Gift and Give this Holiday Season

Conair Chairman Leandro Rizzuto Passes

Discovery of Rare Mutation Gives Survivor Options, Hope

Teen Stands True to Girl Scout Promise with a Mission to Help Patients

Patriots’ Tom Brady Supports High School Football Coach

How to Navigate Pancreatic Cancer Resources

Luminary Awards Honors CEO Julie Fleshman

Friday Fix: Healthier Holiday Baking

Dedicated Fundraiser Featured in the News

Carolina Panthers Coach Ron Rivera is Wearing Purple for Game Day

Demanding Better for Early Detection

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Makes News Headlines

Survey Highlights the Importance of Seeing Specialists

Is Pancreatic Cancer Hereditary?

Caregiver Tips: Staying Organized and In Control

I Demand Better to Carry on the Fight

Andrew Eggerton

Demanding Better in Tribute to a Dear Friend

Friday Fix: Extending Thanksgiving

Shop on Amazon Smile and ShopPurple this Holiday Season

I Demand Better for Patients and Caregivers

A Daughter’s Tribute: Remembering “Dr. Jeff” on Thanksgiving

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Cancer

Immediate Past Board Chair Featured in People Magazine

In Memoriam: Kenneth Scott, PhD

Behind the Lens: 5 Questions for a PurpleStride Photographer

Mindy Kaling, Lisa Niemi Swayze Auctioning Items to Benefit PanCAN

Friday Fix: A Purple Twist on the Thanksgiving Meal

World Pancreatic Cancer Day: Demanding Better

Media Stations to go Purple for World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Gloria Petersen, PhD: I Demand Better for All Patients

Survivors and Celebrities Step Up at PurpleStride Nationwide

6 Things You Need to Know about Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

Research Funding Protected Through Advocacy

Tap Cancer Out: Demand Better by Being up for the Fight

U.S. Air Force Veteran Reflects on a Different Kind of Mission, Battle

Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA, Receives Distinguished Service Award

Friday Fix: Managing Nutritional Needs during the Holidays

Chicago Skyline Goes Purple for the Cause

Eva Lax: I Demand Better So the Survival Rate Can Continue to Climb

Research Team’s Work Provides Clues that Explain Long-term Survival

In Quest to Understand His Father’s Illness, a Young Doctor Discovers His Own

Supporters Demand Better at PurpleStride Across the U.S.

I Demand Better to Give Patients a Fighting Chance

Participation in Patient Registry Advances Important Research

Yoga teacher Lauren Eckstrom demonstrates simple breathing exercise to relieve stress

Tips and Exercises to Help Ease Stress

DNA strand

Tumor’s Genetic Changes Can Impact Patient Outcomes

Friday Fix: Exploring Za’atar

Harry Potter Halloween Adventure Raises Funds for PurpleStride

Jennifer Baker: I Demand Better for All Those in the Fight

Can Aspirin Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk?

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Is Here!

Nancy Duvall: I Demand Better for Earlier Diagnosis

Remember to Wear Purple on World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Friday Fix: Post-Exercise Nutrition

Channing Der, PhD: I Demand Better for Patients and Families

Critical Pancreatic Cancer Research Opportunities

Type 3c Diabetes Is Often Misdiagnosed, Potentially Delaying Pancreatic Cancer Diagnoses

Honoring Matt Bencke through Music

Matt Wilson: I Demand Better for the 91 Percent

Friday Fix: Sweet Potatoes

Mighty AI cofounder and WIRED contributor Matt Bencke died after 3-month battle with the disease.

In Life and in Death, Matt Bencke Raises Awareness

I Demand Better for My Wife, a 15-Year Survivor

Reduce sugar in pancreatic cancer diet

Sugar and Cancer – What You Need to Know

The FDA approved Lutathera® for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs)

Going Beyond Standard of Care

Russell Wilson Shows Support to Patient

Coping for Patients and Caregivers

Patient Registry Findings Presented at Major Meeting

Teona Ducre: I Demand Better for the More than 53,000

iHeart Radio Features Julie Fleshman on Oct. 15

Friday Fix: Cookbooks Especially Great for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

5 Things to Know about BRCA Mutations and Pancreatic Cancer

PurpleStride Funds the Cause from Coast to Coast

Register for ‘Cancer Research & Oncology 2017’ Virtual Conference

It’s World Mental Health Day

The Rock Sends Special Message to Grandmother Battling Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

Tempur-Pedic® Rest Test Returns Oct. 2 – 29

Cancer Drugs in the News

Friday Fix: The Ins and Outs of Organic Meat, Poultry and Eggs

PanCAN Chief Science Officer Featured in OncLive

Steve Jobs: Still Innovating, Six Years Later

Ohio Cities Raise the Bar for PurpleStride

Yankees Pitcher David Robertson Aims to Strike out Pancreatic Cancer

SMAB Member’s Work Recognized

4 Tips for Managing Stress, Especially During a Crisis

Grantee Describes New Test to Characterize Pancreatic Cysts

10 Tips to Help You Get Organized After Diagnosis

Friday Fix: Is Organic Milk Better for You?

Pancreatic Cancer in U.S. News & World Report

Tempus Invests in Innovative Cancer Technology

Early Detection for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Moves to the Forefront of Cancer Research Efforts

Ask Patient Central: What Are Some Ways Patients Can Reduce Fatigue?

‘Purple People’ Take Spotlight in Iowa, Portland and St. Louis

Mindy Kaling Remembers Her Mom During TODAY Show Appearance

Hispanics Losing Opportunities to Access Leading-Edge Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

9 Delicious, Healthy Snacks for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Ask Patient Central: What Can Patients Do to Manage Pain?

Thank You to PanCAN Scientists!

It Starts with Someone: Stephanie Santilli

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part VIII

A Record-Breaking 68 Pancreatic Cancer Survivors Attend PurpleRideStride Minnesota

Yoga and Meditation: Finding Peace and Power along the Journey

Study Identifies Surprising Culprit for Chemotherapy Resistance: Bacteria

Progress Report: ‘Research Continues to Be Our Best Defense Against Cancer’

Nebraska Volunteers and Researcher Praise New Cancer Center

fall recipes

Friday Fix: Think Fall in the Kitchen

UC Cancer Centers to Join Forces to Fight Pancreatic and Other Cancers

Thousands Celebrate PurpleStride in Charlotte, Pittsburgh and Boise

The Power of Positive Thinking

Sally Ride Legacy Honored in New Documentary

Forbes Article Discusses Potential of PARP Inhibitors to Treat Certain Pancreatic Cancer Patients

All Eyes on Washington, D.C., as Congress Returns to Reach Agreement Before Looming Deadlines

National Grandparents Day: Remembering “Pépère”

Miss Louisiana holds a Wage Hope sign for her PurpleStride team in honor of her grandmother

Miss Louisiana Raises Awareness at 2018 Miss America Competition

PanCAN Is Here to Help During a Natural Disaster

Friday Fix: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Supportive Care for the Patient: What It Is and Why It’s Critical

Suggestions for Patients in a Natural Disaster

History of PanCAN

The Mindy Project Auctions Designer Wardrobe to Support PanCAN

It Starts with Someone: Ginnie Jed

Friday Fix: What’s in Season in September

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part VII

Black-American Families Discuss Their Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer

Nanotechnology Approach to Imaging for Early Detection

It Starts with Someone: Hailey Holt

5 Questions & Answers About the “App” to Detect Pancreatic Cancer

5 Questions & Answers About the ‘BiliScreen App’ to Detect Pancreatic Cancer Through Selfies

Weathering the Storm: How Cancer Patients Can Cope During a Natural Disaster

Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

iHeart Radio Features PanCAN Founder

One Selfie Shows the Love of a Couple Newly Diagnosed

5 Ways Pets Can Make Us Feel Better

Discovery Channel Clinical Trials Series: Episode 3 – “Prognosis”

Friday Fix: Spice Up your Diet! Use More Herbs, Less Salt

Honoring Our Founder’s Mom: The Woman Who Inspired the Pancreatic Cancer Movement

What Does It Mean to Raise Awareness? Watch This Video!

Annual Scientific Meeting Gathers Key Pancreatic Cancer Research Stakeholders

Volunteering Brings Sisters Even Closer After Dad’s Death

Pancreatic Cancer 101

Discovery Channel Clinical Trials Series: Episode 2 – “Treatment”

Friday Fix: Foods to Ease Pancreatic Cancer Side Effects

PanCAN Convenes Scientific Partners for Annual Meeting

New Findings Explain How Immune Cells Support Pancreatic Tumors

It Starts with Someone, Channing Der and Marisa Jung

Actor Joseph Bologna was best known for his work in the films “My Favorite Year” and “Blame It on Rio”

Actor, Writer and Director Joseph Bologna Dies from Pancreatic Cancer

DNA strand

Nationwide Effort Uncovers Genetic Clues in Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Nada Kalaany, PhD

Grantee’s Study Offers Explanation, Potential Treatment Strategy for Obesity-Associated Pancreatic Cancer

Relaxation for Patients and Caregivers

NPR and JAMA Oncology Highlight Financial Impact of Cancer

Discovery Channel Takes In-Depth Look into Experimental Clinical Trials

Friday Fix: Healthy Picnics

Maureen O'Boyle

Charlotte TV Anchor Hosts Pancreatic Cancer Web Series

Hannah Skelton and Allan Katz

"What would you say to survivors currently fighting?" "Fight....FIGHT!"

Gail Coleman: Demanding Better Through Research

USA Today Publishes Op-Ed Detailing the Importance of Clinical Trials

PanCAN-funded Research Highlighted in Nebraska Media

SiriusXM Radio Features PanCAN President & CEO and SMAB Chair

PurpleStride Omaha Team Rallies for Patti

Friday Fix: What’s in Season for August

Research Grantees and Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Featured in Interview

New Study Evaluates Molecular Profiling for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

researcher in lab

Tiny Balls of Pancreatic Cancer Cells Teach Researchers About Metastasis

Targeted Oncology Features Scientific and Medical Advisory Board Chair

Report Shows Clinical Trial Misconceptions Prevail

Friday Fix: 4 Tips for Controlling Weight Loss from Pancreatic Cancer

PanCAN Joins Best-In-Class Leaders for Roundtable at Harvard Business School

Pancreatic Cancer Claims Life of Former Dallas Cowboys Player

Miss Louisiana Raises Awareness and Funds for PanCAN

Stay Informed About Vital Pancreatic Cancer News and Research

Pasadena Students Raise Funds for PanCAN

Nikki Cronin as a child hugging her dad, Dennis, who is now a seven-year pancreatic cancer survivor.

It Starts with Someone: Nikki Cronin

The New York Times Features Gene Therapy Progress That Could Apply to Pancreatic Cancer

Coping with the Financial Impact of Cancer

Robert with his bike. He is riding to fundraise for pancreatic cancer.

Rob ‘Tyger’ Rubin’s Gift of Wanderlust Leads Him to Wage Hope for His Parents

Delicious fruit salad popsicles that make for a healthy, cool summer treat

Friday Fix: Summer Treats

Nadine Takai Day Dedicates First Advocacy Day, and Beyond, to Her Brother, Hawaii Congressman Mark Takai

2017 Grant Recipient and Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Featured on WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio

2017 Grantees Accelerating Early Detection

After beachside wedding ceremony, couple sign marriage license at table with Wage Hope banner supporting the cause.

Donations Replace Wedding Gifts in Honor of Bride’s Father-in-Law

It Starts with Someone: Jennifer Baker

PanCAN’s November Awareness Campaign Named PR Daily’s Best Multichannel Campaign of the Year

Food co-ops provide fresh, sustainable, organic produce, meat and dairy products that are locally sourced and in-season.

Friday Fix: Exploring Food Co-Ops

Google Doodle Celebrates Designer Who Passed Away from Pancreatic Cancer

2017 Grantees Improving Treatments & Outcomes

Early Detection Featured in the News

Pankaj Singh, PhD, and Costas Lyssiotis, PhD

Grantees Collaborate to Understand Treatment Resistance

It Starts with Someone: Yohannes Gebreysus

PanCAN Bolsters Distinguished Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

Cincinnati Affiliate volunteers stand on the Reds’ Great American Ball Park field as they present a donation check for $7,020

Cincinnati Reds Team Up with Survivors, Donate to the Cause

Five-Year Survival Rises Two Percent in England

New Study Identifies Test to Diagnose Benign Pancreatic Cysts

Healthy blueberries contain phytochemicals that may play a role in inhibiting tumor growth and may decrease inflammation.

Friday Fix: The Big Benefits of Blueberries

It Starts with a Penni

From KRAS to Cachexia – 2017 Grantees Unlock the Biology of Pancreatic Cancer

Couple, Both Cancer Survivors, Reflect on Advocacy Day and Lasting Memories

Why He Rides to PurpleStride

Jill, Diane and Andrew at packet pickup.

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part VI

Medscape Highlights Pancreatic Cancer and Precision PromiseSM in Recent Feature

Grilling skewers of vegetables does not produce carcinogens – cancer-causing substances – as opposed to grilling meats

Friday Fix: How to Make Grilling Foods More Healthy

Father Honors Male Family Members Lost to Pancreatic Cancer at PurpleStride

Leading Charity Evaluator Awards PanCAN Highest Rating

It Starts with Someone: Becca Sandler

Megan Barber and Bob Melcher

"Dear Lord, I'm not here to ask you for anything special today. I'm only here to thank you for everything that I have."

Progress Begins Here – Announcing the 2017 Research Grantees

Former NFL Player Calvin Johnson Jr. joins pancreatic cancer survivors and volunteers at Atlanta bowling event

Atlanta Affiliate Partners with Calvin Johnson, Jr. to Raise Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Caregiver Story: Sue Alderson

Julie Fleshman Op-ed Featured in the Morning Consult

Milwaukee, Austin and Denver Take Center Stage with PurpleStride, the Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Vice President Jenny Isaacson speaks at Harvard Business School precision medicine initiative

PanCAN Featured in the Harvard Business Review

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part IV and V

Dorothy and Joe Yamamoto, pancreatic cancer at a Gonzaga ballgame

If It Weren’t For Patient Central, the Puzzle Pieces Just Wouldn’t Fit

The truth about juice cleanses and their effect on pancreatic cancer patients

Friday Fix: Here’s the Truth About Cleanses

Keeping the Faith

CBS New interviews Julie Fleshman, president and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and survivor-volunteer Teona Ducre

Advocacy Day Takes National Media by Storm

Hundreds of ‘Purple People’ Step Up, Stand Tall, Act Boldly on Capitol Hill

U.S. Congressional Leaders Wage Hope Together to Support Pancreatic Cancer Research

PanCAN Heads For ‘The Hill’

Pancreatic cancer survivor Andrew Edgerton

Andrew Edgerton

10th Anniversary of Advocacy Day Commences

From Sea to Shining Purple Sea: San Francisco, Detroit, Connecticut Host PurpleStride Walks to End Pancreatic Cancer

Daniel Arad and his mom, Jing Tian, at Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day 2016

Young Son Carries out Dad’s Legacy, Continuing the Fight at National Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day

Oscar-Winning Director of “Rocky” Loses Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

ASCO 2017 banner

Cancer Progress Spotlighted in the News

Survivor and Board Member Brings Business Expertise to the Fight

Patient Central associate for pancreatic cancer

Why a Pancreatic Cancer Call Center?

Cathy Quon, top PurpleStride fundraiser

Q&A with 15-Year Survivor and Top PurpleStride Fundraiser

Joe Heiden, pancreatic cancer survivor and American Ninja Warrior, with family in October 2015.

Inspiration through Adventure, Family and the Kindness of Others

Leadership Breakfast Kicks Off Fundraising for PurpleStride New Jersey 2017

Joe Heiden, pancreatic cancer survivor, on American Ninja Warrior's Los Angeles Qualifier

Our Very Own American Ninja Warrior: Joe Heiden

Kazuki Sugahara, MD, PhD, pancreatic cancer researcher, develops novel peptide to break to pancreatic cancer tumor stroma

Finding a Secret Passage through Stroma

PurpleStride Hosts Largest Event of 2017

Hans Johnson, pancreatic cancer survivor, Dancing with the Twin Cities

Survivor Dances with Celebrities to Raise Awareness for Pancreatic Cancer

Structure of Keytruda binding to PD-1 on T-cells

5 Things to Know About New Drug Keytruda

vegetables good for pancreatic cancer patients

Friday Fix: Best Veggies for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Healing Beyond Words

Yvonne and Dennis Noesen, parents of Tyler, who passed away from pancreatic cancer

It Starts with Someone: Dennis and Yvonne Noesen’s Son, Tyler

Steve Barber, fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and daughters

Steve Barber Doubles the Impact of His Father’s Life Lessons

Jennifer Bailey, PhD, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network grantee

“Stopping the Start” of Pancreatic Cancer

Couple documents diagnosis, treatment and symptoms through the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Patient Registry.

The Power of Patient-reported Outcomes

Best friends at PurpleStride together

20 Questions: An Interview with Two Volunteers Traveling Coast to Coast for PurpleStride

DNA strand

Recent Precision Medicine Developments Showing Promise of Field

PurpleStride Sioux Falls 2017

Four Cities Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer at PurpleStride

Josephine Scivoli, pancreatic cancer survivor with his husband John Scivoli

Know Your Tumor® Gives Survivor More Options, Time to Experience More Blessings

Celebrating 30th Annual National Cancer Survivors Day

Five best fruits for pancreatic cancer patients: Red Grapes, Berries, Bananas, Apples and Citrus, like Oranges and Tangerines

Friday Fix: 5 Fruits Especially Good for Patients

Results of Large-scale Molecular Profiling Effort Are Published, Shared

Grandmother with Pancreatic Cancer Gets Invite to Prom

Dung Le, MD, principal investigator behind Keytruda effectiveness in pancreatic cancer patients with high MSI

The Road to Effective Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Todd Horne, stage IV pancreatic cancer survivor and captain of a top fundraising team for PurpleStride Washington D.C.

Stage IV Survivor Inspires Others for PurpleStride Washington, D.C.

Michael Goggins, MD

Cyst Juice to Predict Cancer Risk

enzyme supplements

Friday Fix: The Breakdown on Enzymes

Reality TV Star Erin Willett Visits PanCAN

The FDA approved Lutathera® for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs)

Unprecedented Drug Approval Can Benefit Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Franke Previte

Remembering Patrick Swayze with New “Dirty Dancing” TV Musical

Proposed Budget Cuts Could Hurt Pancreatic Cancer Research Efforts

Oral Bacteria Increasing Pancreatic Cancer Risk

It Starts with Someone: Florencia McAllister

vitamin blocks

Friday Fix: ABCs of Vitamins

Dallas-Fort Worth Unites at PurpleStride Kickoff

Deviant Immune Cells Incite Pancreatic Cancer

It Starts with Someone: Natascha Martin

Studying How a New Immunotherapy Works in Each Patient

Tanga Williams Honors the Memory of her Mom with Action

PanCAN has Opened an Office in New York City

Rachel Witt

Rachel Witt’s Aloha to her Mom Raises Funds for PurpleStride Cincinnati

Distinguished SMAB Member Promoted to Director of Abramson Cancer Center


Friday Fix: The Skinny on Salad Dressings

Boston Leadership Breakfast

Leadership Breakfast Kicks Off PurpleStride Boston, the Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer

Mark Edmiaston Promoted to PanCAN’s First Chief Development and Community Engagement Officer

Lyndsey McDonald and Andrew Miller in front of Nelson-Atkins shuttlecock

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part III

Critical Clues Toward Targeting KRAS Mutations

Aatur Singhi, MD, PhD

Rare but Targetable Genetic Change Discovered in Pancreatic Cancer Patients

PanCAN Participates in International Meeting Focused on Fighting Pancreatic Cancer Globally

Large-scale Study Shows Benefit of Molecular Profiling

PanCAN Staff Puts the “Fun” in Fundraising

“One-Two Punch” Combination Therapy

Celebs, Influencers, Survivors and Other Notables Join Together at PurpleStride to End Pancreatic Cancer

organic fruits and vegetables

Friday Fix: Which Produce Do You Really Need to Buy Organic?

Mother and Son Stride for their Hero in Sioux Falls

A Message from our President and CEO: Your Activism and Advocacy Can Save Lives

The Pancreatic Cancer Mouse Model Used Today

Family Takes the High Road in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer

New Study Reinforces Recommendations that Pancreatic Cancer Patients Travel to Academic Centers for Surgery

PanCAN Volunteers Sit Down with KCAL-TV to Talk PurpleStride Los Angeles

Survivors Celebrate Life on Skydiving Adventure

PurpleStride Comes to Chicago and Raleigh-Durham; Survivors, Friends and Family Celebrate

White Sox Pitcher David Robertson Wants to Strike Out Pancreatic Cancer

Friday Fix: 5 Things to Discuss with your Dietitian after Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

PanCAN among 42 Pancreatic Cancer Organizations Worldwide Convening to Drive Transformative Change for the Disease

Racial Disparities Exist in Cancer Care, Research Shows

“I’m Drawn to Tough Challenges!” A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Hendifar

Endurance Athlete Finds Parallels Between Advocacy Day, Ironman Competition

White Sox pitcher's wife, Erin Robertson

White Sox Pitcher’s Wife Meets with FOX and ESPN for PurpleStride Chicago

researcher in lab

Implantable Device Could Improve Immunotherapy Delivery, Effectiveness

We were Featured on Chicagoist.com!

Wage Hope at PurpleStride, the Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer

Allison Zalesny

The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Why Pancreatic Cancer Researchers March for Science

Friday Fix: Talking Turmeric – What Is It, What Are the Benefits?

Pancreatic cancer cells

Grantee’s Discovery Validated by New Study Highlighting Strategy to Improve Drug Delivery

Researchers Discover Zeb1 as a Key Factor in Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Aggressiveness

Elinor Scott-Sutter at Boston

Elinor Was Boston Strong, and Family Carries on Her Legacy

Mass. Governor and Boston Red Sox President Buzzing for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Patrick Swayze’s Legacy Lives on to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Friday Fix: Superfoods – Are They Superheroes?

Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day: We’re Better Together

A Clinical Trial Meant that Susan Zbacnik Could Be Proactive About Her Future

Dad and Two Sons Fighting Pancreatic Cancer Together

10 Reasons Why Advocacy Matters (And How to Get Involved Today!)

PurpleStride New York City Raises Visibility, Funds for Pancreatic Cancer

Remembering the Unconditional Love of Brothers, Sisters

‘Purple Wave’ Takes Over Tidewater, Raises over $120K at PurpleStride

Pancreatic Cancer Highlighted at Record-breaking Scientific Conference

A New Strategy to Allow Immune Attack of Pancreatic Tumors

Friday Fix: Eat to Beat Cancer

Are You Depressed? Patient Central Can Help

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part 2

Survivor Embraces Clinical Trials – Ethan Blynn

Celebrating New Research Grantees at International Meeting

Wage Hope at PurpleStride: The Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer

Smoking Increases Risk of Developing, Dying from Pancreatic Cancer

A Loved One Has Cancer. What do you Say? How can you Help?

Volunteers, Researchers Connect During Chapel Hill Lab Visit

Two Events, One Mission: PurpleStride Phoenix and Birmingham

Volunteer Appreciation Month – Our Volunteers Take Us Far

Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer Finds Rates Declining, But Not In Pancreatic Cancer

New Data Defining Impact of NIH on Economy, Jobs and Research

Leadership Discusses Pancreatic Cancer Research Funding, New Report

#AndrewStrides the United States – Part I

Ingalls Family on Little House on the Prairie with michael Landon

Legacy of Michael Landon Featured in Cancer Today

PurpleStride Las Vegas: A Rousing Success!

Julie Fleshman Discusses Clinical Trial Innovation and Precision Medicine Amongst Leaders of Renowned Biomedical Research Funders

Dana Otera and Marcia Rodriguez

Interview conducted in Lancaster, Calif.
“One word to sum of my feelings on pancreatic cancer: determination. I’m determined to raise awareness and contribute to finding a cure.”

5 Things to Know About Precision Medicine

Boys Ask for Donations Instead of Birthday Gifts at Mardi Gras Masquerade Birthday Fundraiser

Cancer Care Report: Patient-centric, Evidence-based Medicine Critical for Future Success

Changing the Landscape of Pancreatic Cancer through Fundraising

Our Grantees Featured at Major International Cancer Research Conference

Survivor of Two Different Cancers Stays Positive, Keeps the Faith

Know Your Tumor® Helped Me Find a More Effective Treatment – Linda Rose

Joe Heiden, pancreatic cancer survivor with family and friends on American Ninja Warrior

Pancreatic Cancer Can’t Compete With This Hopeful Warrior

Urge Congress to Say NO to budget cuts that would slow progress against pancreatic cancer

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Breakthroughs of Women in Science

Critical Benchmarks Defined for Pancreatic Cancer Research Progress

Former Vice President Joe Biden Headlines “Connect to End Cancer” Session at South by Southwest Conference

Wife’s train museum

Remembering Zeus, My Four-Legged ‘Caregiver’

“Beyond Cancer” Examines Clinical Trials, Early Detection, Immunotherapy and Other Cancer Advances

Giving Until It Helps: How the Mordecai Family Took Control over Pancreatic Cancer

Meet Dr. Vince Picozzi, Chair of the Precision Promise Clinical Trial Consortium

Pancreatic Cancer Expert Calls for More Awareness for the Disease and Clinical Trials

Julie Fleshman Meets with Charlotte’s Pancreatic Cancer Community

Prestigious promotion for member of our research community

13-Year Survivor Takes Control of Pancreatic Cancer

Standing room-only crowd attends congressional briefing, raising awareness for our nation’s deadliest cancers

Another study links obesity to increased cancer risk

Show Some Love for our Extraordinary Employees

Honoring the life of Anne Glauber, pancreatic cancer champion and advocate

Julie Fleshman Joins FasterCures Patients Count Leadership Council

Survivor Jon Luedtke Shares His Story with Pancreatic Cancer

In Their Own Words – Part 2

Spotlight on Action: A Son Shares Advocacy Day Memories

Pancreatic Cancer Takes Center Stage for Hollywood’s Elite

Jake Singer does a “mitzvah” in honor of his aunt

In Their Own Words – Part 1

Hope, Research and a Fighting Spirit

The Bravest Hero

Legendary Actor, Richard Hatch, Dies Today At 71

Mental Health May Play Role In Pancreatic Cancer Survival

How Diabetes Can Be an Early Sign of Pancreatic Cancer

Sophia Sklar and Maya Sklar

Interview conducted in Manhattan, N.Y.
“My cancer was a thunder in a blue sky. It just came to me and shocked me.”

Josh Kaeser and Cathy Schwandt

Interview conducted in Plain City, Ohio
"It [the diagnosis] made me become a voice for the cause... as survivors, it’s our responsibility to go out there to raise awareness for ourselves."

Raise Awareness for Pancreatic Cancer on World Cancer Day

Extraordinary Commitment: Mom, Daughter Volunteer to Honor Relatives Lost to Pancreatic Cancer

Celebrating Prominent African-Americans

Another Legend Lost: Remembering Iconic Screen and Stage Actor John Hurt

12-Year Survivor Works To Make The Clinical Trials Process Easier For Patients

Patient Central Is Here To Help You With Clinical Trials Information

Erin Holstein honors her father with 46 Adirondack High Peaks hikes

10 Questions to Ask About Clinical Trials

Your Advocacy in Action: New Federal Research Funding to Explore Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy

Siri Creator Opens Up About His Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

17-Year Survivor Never Stops Learning

Running Away from Home: Grantee Explores What Makes Pancreatic Cancer Cells Spread

Clinical Trials Are Recommended During Every Treatment Decision

Can Aspirin Reduce Your Risk of Pancreatic Cancer?

Survivor Overcomes Nine Recurrences with a Treatment Plan and Hope

Stephanie Santilli and Kathleen Voice

Interview conducted in Morgantown, W. Va.
"I do believe everything always happens for a reason. We just don’t always need to know why."

Eric Doppelt and Lisa Eidelberg

Interview conducted in Airmont, N.J.
"Pancreatic Cancer does not become an excuse for why you cannot do things…You don’t crumble. You take it and you run with… and it makes you realize in life what’s important."

Stephanie Santilli and Jeanie Fenstermacher

Interview conducted Belington, W. Va.
"Do every day exactly as you want to do, and all the things that you can do."

5 Cancer Clinical Trial Myths Debunked

Five-year Survival Increases for Third Straight Year

January is National Pancreatic Cancer Trials Awareness Month

Early Detection and Precision Medicine Grants to Advance Critical Research

Survivor Recommends Clinical Trials, Getting Connected

Ali Chesnick and Fred Loomis

Interview conducted in Cherry Hill, N.J.
“Take the meaning of love...for example, the fact that you're not here physically anymore doesn't mean the love goes away either, and how can people take that with them?"

Megan Barber and Beth Day

Interview conducted in West Des Moines, Iowa
"The happiest moment of my life … gosh … still being here. Being able to say right now, that I’m a survivor!"

2016 Highlights of Advocates in Action

Grantees Use Two-part Attack to Outsmart Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Live, Laugh, Love: Wife Pays Tribute to Late Husband, Who Lived by These Words

5 Tips for Coping during the Holidays for Patients, Caregivers and Those Who’ve had Loss

New Guidelines Recommend Palliative Care Early, with Treatment

Make Your Holiday Shopping Count for Something Special

Teen Volunteer Turns Feelings of Helplessness into Hope

Nation Urged to Shift from Pink to Purple for November Awareness

Survivor Urges Patients to Be Proactive

Oral Bacteria Linked to Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Grantee Study

The Leading Doctors behind Precision Promise

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Battled Breast Cancer Years Ago; Today She Volunteers To Help Bring Pancreatic Cancer Out of the Shadows

Superhero firefighters’ cross-country challenge speaks to personal connections

Survivor Takes Action with Know Your TumorSM and PurpleStride

What Are Some Alternatives to Standard Treatment?

Blue Ribbon Panel Recommendations Hold Potential to Improve Outcomes for Recalcitrant Cancers, Like Pancreatic Cancer

Join Us to Stay Informed About the Latest Pancreatic Cancer Information

Annual Scientific Meeting Brings Together and Strengthens our Community for Progress

Leading Oncologist Champions Treatment Progress Through Personalized Medicine

Move Pancreatic Cancer Research Forward and Leave a Legacy of Hope

Staying Strong: A Marathoner Lives Life to the Fullest Physically, Mentally and Spiritually after Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis, Reoccurrence

Study Shows Biomarker-Based Treatment Provides Best Results

How it all started: Our founder shares her Sparkle Spirit with LiveSparkly

Today We Wage Hope for Congressman Mark Takai

Michael Goggins, MD

Research Team’s $1 Million Grant Funds Efforts toward Earlier Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Bring on the Sparkle Spirit in the Bluegrass State

Pizza by Pappas Fights Pancreatic Cancer by Making Pizza

Updated Survivor Story: Maija Eerkes

Grantee’s Preclinical Immunotherapy Data Shows Promise

Nearly 700 Pancreatic Cancer Advocates to Unite on Capitol Hill

One grandmom makes strides to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer

Survivor Story: Diane Borrison

New Study of Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials Reveals Opportunities for the Future

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Finds Hope, Courage at PurpleStride

Caregiver Story: Heather DeFevers

Survivor Story: Jim Hart

American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting Convenes our Community for Progress

Cancer Moonshot Initiative “Blue Ribbon Panel” Includes Two Pancreatic Cancer Researchers

Grantee’s Early-Phase Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Shows Encouraging Results

Pancreatic cancer patient becomes her own health advocate after diagnosis

Tap Cancer Out Jiu-Jitsu tournaments to benefit Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Survivor Story: Steve Balogh

Survivor Story: Janine Krawitz

Survivor Story: David Dessert

Caregiver Story: Julie Gurney

Insights into Pancreatic Cancer Genetic Changes Revealed

Precious and Few

State of the Union Addresses Urgent Need for Focused Efforts in Cancer Research

Survivor Story: Derek Rowell

Survivor Story: Jenifer Middleton

Survivor Story: Schanna Bodkin

Survivor Story: Mary Beth Campbell

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network President and CEO Comments on Cancer: Emperor of All Maladies

Survivor Story: John O’Grady

Survivor Stories: Clinical Trials Participant – Ken Douglass

Survivor Stories – Clinical Trials Participant: Richard Valdes

Caregiver Story: Mary Ellen Miller

Survivor Story: Michael Turek

Caregiver Story: Marian Gary

Updated Survivor Story: Peter Suess

Survivor Story: Julianne Silva

Survivor Story: Tonjia Vaughn

Survivor Story: Gary Lipsey

Survivor Story: Joe LaRose

Survivor Story: Mark van der Sluis

Survivor Story: Shelby Mclean

Survivor Story: Berenice Yoder

Survivor Story: Leslie Bergson

Survivor Story: Bob Myers

Caregiver Story: Cara Starick

Survivor Story: Mike Santina

Survivor Story: Christine Chandler

Survivor Story: David Bayer

Caregiver Story: Laura Hain

Caregiver Story: Cathy Alexander

Caregiver Story: Juliette Guidara

Survivor Story: Clinical Trial Participant – Howard Young

Caregiver Story: Elizabeth Benton

Caregiver Story: Jodi Davila

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