On December 14, 2015, I was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. My chemotherapy beats me up. I was supposed to get chemotherapy three weeks on and one week off for two years, but because my platelet counts were low, I could not continue with the third week. This year, I am getting chemotherapy every other week, because my cancer is not progressing, and my body and appetite are both adjusting. I still feel beat up with the treatment, but not taking chemotherapy for two weeks allows me to bounce back more quickly.

How has this dreaded disease touched me? All I can say is this, your whole life changes. I stay as positive as possible and try to do as much as I used to do. By the Grace of God, I am still here to talk about it. My family and friends are my support group and my wife and children are my rock to fight as much as I can. Every time I see my family it makes me want to fight harder. So, to anyone reading this, never give up. I know it’s tough, because I am still going through it. Although my cancer is not curable, and they can’t operate, it is treatable, so I do what I must do. One day we may wake up and find there is a cure.

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