Over the last 14 years, our Patient Central Associates have spoken to more pancreatic cancer patients than any other institution or organization in the world. And, just recently, they connected with their 100,000 contact.

In addition to providing patients, families, and caregivers with vital information about the disease and crucial services and resources, they provide hope and strive to brighten outlooks.

And, they do this good work free of charge.

Specifically, our Associates provide:

  • Comprehensive disease information
  • Potential treatment options
  • Specialists in pancreatic cancer
  • Clinical trial searches
  • Access to a personalized medicine service, the Patient Registry, the Survivor and Caregiver Network, and educational events
  • Support resources

On behalf of the entire pancreatic cancer community, thank you to our Patient Central Associates for improving outcomes for all those fighting this disease.

You can reach a Patient Central Associate Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PDT, at 877.272.6226, or email patientcentral@pancan.org.