When you speak, Congress listens. National Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day will take place on June 18 – 19, 2018. Check back soon to learn more on how you can join us!

Registration is now open for National Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day 2018!

Advocacy Day is an opportunity for you and others to Demand Better in our fight for much-needed progress to improve outcomes for patients. Increased federal funding for cancer research is the key to funding breakthroughs – and to saving more lives.

Join us and share your story with your elected officials who have the power to save lives by prioritizing cancer research funding.

Your voice is the most powerful tool we have to raise awareness on Capitol Hill for increased federal funding to fight the disease. The more voices we have, the farther we can go to create the change we need.

"If anyone reading this is thinking about going but hasn't yet stepped up, I say, 'Do it! Honor that person you love who's been affected by pancreatic cancer, and change the course of this disease.' We all know cancer is bad, and we want a cure, or at least an early diagnostic tool, but Advocacy Day educated me about the funding that's needed to get there."
— Karen T.

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