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Precision Promise is PanCAN’s groundbreaking service to accelerate new treatment options for pancreatic cancer patients. We design and manage pancreatic cancer research and clinical trials with a collective of leading experts with whom we collaborate in these efforts. This includes basic and translational research funding, key opinion leader and industry partnerships, early and late stage clinical development. In addition, we will investigate supportive care measures, and we will analyze extensive patient data to better understand what makes every patient’s tumor unique. Precision Promise is designed to serve as a catalyst to accelerate pancreatic cancer drug development, de-risk industry participation, increase clinical trial enrollment and transform the way clinical research is done for pancreatic cancer patients.

Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial statistical design created by Berry Consultants, the world experts in the Bayesian approach to medical statistics.

PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial allows us to:

Learn Faster
The design of PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial makes it more efficient, requiring fewer patients and less time than a traditional clinical trial, which may lead to faster approval of effective treatments.

Collaborate with
Nationwide Leadership

PanCAN brings together leading experts and stakeholders – researchers, clinicians, industry and pancreatic cancer thought-leaders – to make this historic initiative possible.

Collect Data
PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial is designed to be a central hub of learning, collaboration and clinical advancement for the pancreatic cancer research community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did PanCAN launch the Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial?

PanCAN created the Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial because traditional clinical trial designs are slow to evaluate new treatment options for pancreatic cancer patients. PanCAN’s novel clinical trial platform is designed to more efficiently test new therapies for their effectiveness in treating patients with pancreatic cancer by requiring fewer patients to understand if a potential new therapy is working. The platform is also designed to allow multiple investigational therapies to be tested simultaneously.

Who can enroll in PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial?

If a patient is interested in enrolling in PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial, they will need to consult with their oncologist/healthcare team. A patient’s treating physician can determine if they are eligible to enroll. A patient would have to go to one of the 15 Precision Promise sites to enroll in the trial.

The trial will enroll patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have either received no treatment in the metastatic setting (first line), or who have only received one prior treatment for their cancer in the metastatic setting (second line).

How is PanCAN’s Precision Promise different from other clinical trials?

Through the adaptive nature of PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial, data will be constantly monitored, and investigational treatment arms can be discontinued if results do not look promising.

This adaptive clinical trial design provides the opportunity for new treatments to be approved more quickly than in traditional trials.

In addition to investigating potential new treatment therapies, Precision Promise will also be investigating supportive care measures.

Where is PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial located, and when will the sites open?

There are 15 initial Clinical Trial Consortium sites across the United States. The sites will start opening in early 2020, with the majority expected to open throughout the year. The Clinical Trial Consortium page will continue to be updated as sites open.

How can I support PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial?

Be part of this transformative work to innovate clinical trials and improve the lives of pancreatic cancer patients and their families.

Donate today. Every dollar you give to PanCAN supports programs like Precision Promise. If you would like to talk with someone about making a leadership gift to directly benefit Precision Promise, please contact Allyssa Miranda at or (310) 706-3343. We can’t do this without donors like you.

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