Your individual support makes a meaningful difference as we continue to push for progress. But when we Wage Hope together, we're able to do something revolutionary. Working in unison, we are an unstoppable movement. Together, we have the power to change the course of this terrible disease forever.

Together, we've made remarkable


We appreciate your steadfast support in making a vital impact on the lives of patients and families fighting pancreatic cancer. The important changes you have set into motion bring us ever closer to our goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival and raising $200 million by 2020. And none of it would have been possible without you. There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for your partnership with us. We make an incredible team!

Thank You

Over the past year, we have achieved a number of impressive accomplishments. Your commitment has enabled us to reach exciting new milestones. Still, we have to keep pushing for further breakthroughs. There's no limit to how much more we can do when we Wage Hope together.



When we Wage Hope together, progress is accelerated and more scientific discoveries happen. You enable scientists to seek out innovative early-detection methods and pioneer new treatments for pancreatic cancer. You give researchers the power to be bold, enabling them to make the breakthroughs we need to change the future of this disease.

Our total research investment rose 38% over the prior year, to $9.5 million.

Test Tube

We funded 19 grants that supported 25 researchers at 18 institutions across the country, totaling $7.14 million.


Cumulatively since 1999, we've awarded 142 grants to 143 scientists at 55 institutions, totaling $35.4 million.




When we Wage Hope together, we can advocate for greater federal research funding. You have proven time and time again that when you take action, Congress listens. Your efforts keep pancreatic cancer at the forefront with Congress and have helped us increase overall funding for pancreatic cancer by over 500% since 1999.

We helped pass a Congressional bill that boosted funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by $2 million and secured another $2 billion increase through the Senate Appropriations Committee.


More than 600 people attended Advocacy Day, representing 49 states.


We secured a 22% increase in Congressional support to retain pancreatic cancer in the Department of Defense (DOD) Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP).




When we Wage Hope together, we can offer more support and share more knowledge. Because of you, patients and their families receive very individualized support through Patient Central. With greater disease education, patients and families can make better, more informed treatment decisions. And with access to the most comprehensive pancreatic cancer clinical trials database in the country, they can explore personalized treatment options while laying the foundation for future care.

Patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals called upon our organization 24,183 times — a 31% increase over last year — for disease information, treatment options and hope.

Patients to Caregivers

417 patients enrolled in the Know Your TumorSM personalized medicine service — and 243 patients received information about their specific mutation, allowing them to make informed decisions about treatment options.


Clinical trial searches increased by 285% as a result of Clinical Trial Finder — and 12.19% of patients enrolled in a clinical trial after Patient Central follow-up.

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When we Wage Hope together, we can elevate national awareness of an urgent cause. Our passionate volunteers are a purple wave of humanity that draws greater attention to pancreatic cancer, recruits more people to join our movement, and supports our mission through our national PurpleStride events.

We raised $12.6 million net through PurpleStrides.


Volunteers contributed nearly 147,000 hours of time to our cause.


Event sponsorships increased by 58%.


The Road To

With your help, we're making steady progress toward our goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. Still, there are challenges we must surmount to keep progress moving forward. We have a bold strategy to address these challenges with even greater resolve and determination. But it can only happen if we Wage Hope together.

Challenge One

There aren't enough researchers and resources. The brightest minds are attracted to difficult challenges, but they need money to develop innovative solutions. We will continue to ensure that pancreatic cancer research receives increased private and federal funding.

Challenge Two

The clinical trial enrollment rate is too low. Only 4.2% of pancreatic cancer patients enroll in clinical trials, slowing progress toward new diagnostic tools and treatments. We will work to increase the clinical trial enrollment rate by continuing to inform patients about their options.

Challenge Three

Trials don't match what patients need. Clinical research doesn't take into account the heterogeneity of pancreatic cancer patients and their tumors. We promote running "smart" clinical trials by providing information through our innovative services like Know Your TumorSM and by driving clinical trials that are based on the needs of patients.

Challenge Four

Approximately 80% of patients are treated by physicians who may only see a few pancreatic cancer patients a year. We will identify and share best practices in care and treatment with physicians and other healthcare professionals across the country.

Challenge Five

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, yet not enough people are taking action to change it. We'll continue to heighten public awareness and visibility by growing our strong volunteer network that raises awareness and increases support.


You're already helping us rewrite the book on how to fight a deadly disease. Together, we will finish the next chapter.

Our goal of raising $200 million by 2020 is getting ever closer. Working together, we must fund further research breakthroughs and enhance clinical care to improve patient outcomes. Your continued support is critical in enabling us to make a measurable difference for generations to come. And there are several ways we can Wage Hope together:


Take part in local events to boost awareness and generate critical donations. We have greater impact when we join forces!


Help us reach our $200 million fundraising goal. Your generosity will give patients and families a more promising outlook, so Wage Hope with us. Together, we can fight pancreatic cancer and change the future.


Lift your voice to help us raise awareness within your community and ensure that Congress hears us. We must get the word out about our cause so that we can expand our movement.

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
2015-2016 Financial Position

Total Revenue for 2016 Chart

Total Revenue for 2016

  • Revenue by Source 2016
  • 40% Individual Giving
  • 39% Volunteer-Driven Events
  • 21% Corporate Giving
  • 0% Investments and Other
Total Cost for 2016 Chart

Total Cost for 2016

  • Cost Distribution 2016
  • 41% Research
  • 24% Community Outreach
  • 11% Patient Services
  • 10% Fundraising
  • 7% Advocacy
  • 7% General & Administrative
Total Revenue for 2015 Chart

Total Revenue for 2015

  • Revenue by Source 2015
  • 58% Individual Giving
  • 35% Volunteer-Driven Events
  • 7% Corporate Giving
  • 0% Investments and Other
Total Cost for 2015 Chart

Total Cost for 2015

  • Cost Distribution 2015
  • 37% Research
  • 26% Community Outreach
  • 14% Patient Services
  • 10% Fundraising
  • 8% Advocacy
  • 5% General & Administrative