Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

2013 Impact Report

One Day

Of Research

APR 2 – Two $1 million grants – the largest ever – are awarded as part of our more than $5 million research portfolio.

In Washington

JAN 2 – The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act is signed into law by President Obama. This landmark legislation requires the National Cancer Institute to develop a scientific framework for pancreatic cancer to provide strategic direction toward making true progress.

Of Hope

JAN 24 – Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) serves its 70,000th contact since the start of the program in 2002.

Of Action

JUN 8 – More than 300 Union Pacific employees in Nebraska form 20 individual teams as part of an inter-department fundraising challenge, pushing the company’s contributions over its $100,000 goal for PurpleStride Omaha.

One Day, there will be a breakthrough that changes everything.

President's Letter

Every day of the past year, we’ve been working diligently toward making our goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival by 2020 a reality.

As our fight against pancreatic cancer gains momentum, we are proud of the impact we’ve made over the last 14 years, but we are particularly proud of the progress we’ve made in Fiscal Year 2012-13. Since our last report, our supporters — volunteers, survivors, donors, advocates, scientists and healthcare professionals — have not only grown in numbers, giving additional strength to the cause, but their actions have made a real difference in moving the mission of the organization forward.

The year began auspiciously with President Obama signing the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act into law. The bill’s passage

Defeating pancreatic cancer has at last become a matter of national will and political commitment.

makes pancreatic cancer a national priority. In addition, not only are more scientists studying pancreatic cancer and receiving funding from our growing pool of research grants, the communication and collaboration among these committed individuals are also increasing. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has been instrumental in facilitating this vital collaboration among researchers at diverse institutions and with various areas of expertise.

Determination and perseverance led to the passage of the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act in January 2013.

True heroes on the front lines are working with us every day to change the course of history for pancreatic cancer.

Meanwhile, our unrelenting volunteers who support the organization in significant ways through events and awareness-raising efforts have grown our affiliate base to nearly 60 robust affiliates nationwide.

These committed volunteers vastly increase the influence of our network. Everywhere, you can find evidence of their impact when droves of purple-clad individuals turn out for volunteer-led PurpleStride walks, runs and rides.

At our Southern California national office, we’ve been making strides through our PALS (Patient and Liaison Services) team by putting thousands of patients in touch with cutting-edge research through potential clinical trial opportunities as well as providing disease-specific information about diagnosis, treatment, support resources and other related topics.

The report that follows provides detailed accounts from the front lines, where our true heroes — volunteers, survivors, donors, advocates, scientists and healthcare professionals — work tirelessly toward our goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. We have no illusions. It is, to be sure, still an uphill push. But with growing momentum propelling us forward, more and more supporters are drawn to our cause, not because it is easy, but because it promises to change the lives of the people they love and many more who will benefit from their selfless commitment.

President's Signature

Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA President and CEO

Our Story

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network began one day 14 years ago at the kitchen table of a woman with a bold vision.

Driven by the loss of her mother to pancreatic cancer, Pamela Acosta Marquardt envisioned a team of passionate, committed volunteers, advocates, research scientists, healthcare professionals and other generous contributors working together to create awareness for this tragic disease.

Thanks to that vision, people have rallied together to translate sadness and anger into action since 1999.

What started as a lonely path has become a busy thoroughfare leading to options, support, discoveries and hope. And with continued action and passion, the progress being made today will one day bring an end to this devastating disease that takes more than 38,000 lives each year.

Thanks to a vision, passionate people have rallied together since 1999 to translate sadness and anger into action, and in turn they have created unprecedented awareness for pancreatic cancer.

Since its inception, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has worked to build critical mass in the community of scientists studying pancreatic cancer.

It Started with a Strategy

There were scarcely a dozen scientists studying pancreatic cancer full-time in 1999, the year of our founding. As a result, the survivorship needle, in the single digits, had not budged.

Building a critical mass of scientists was the only way to move that needle. Acutely aware that science follows money, we began charting a course to bring more dollars to pancreatic cancer research. We knew it would be an uphill climb, but with a focused strategy, clear vision and an attainable mission, we also knew progress was achievable. Increased federal research funding, combined with private research dollars, would create an incentive for scientists to study the disease and move pancreatic cancer research out of no-man’s-land.

Step by Step, with a Purpose

A Growing Grassroots Movement

Early on, we took our message to Washington, D.C., with a handful of volunteers gathering on Capitol Hill to tell their members of Congress that pancreatic cancer research funding had been ignored for too long. Grassroots advocacy success fueled the creation of our Government Affairs & Advocacy program, allowing us to be organized and effective in raising our voices on Capitol Hill – and, finally, Congress is listening. The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act, formerly the Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act, was signed into law in January 2013. Read more.

Taking Research Further

In addition to advocating for increased federal dollars, the organization funded its first research grant in 2003 through a strategy that would encourage the best scientific ideas and also recruit scientists into the field. This strategy has proven effective. To date, we have awarded 94 research grants to outstanding scientists at institutions across the country, and a recent evaluation showed that every dollar that we invest is leveraged, on average, into $9.93 in additional pancreatic cancer research funding by our grantees. This is encouraging evidence that they are staying in the field and remaining committed to pancreatic cancer research. Read more.

Spreading the Word

We continued to raise our voices and, thus, awareness about the disease, and began to spread the word that there was hope for those battling pancreatic cancer. We created the Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) program to give pancreatic cancer patients, families and caregivers comprehensive information about the disease so that they could make informed decisions. We also knew how essential it was to make sure patients had access to the latest research through clinical trials, because clinical trials are the key to discovering new treatment options and early diagnostic tools. So we went on to build a proprietary, searchable database of all enrolling pancreatic cancer clinical trials in the United States. Read more.

Making Big Strides

Our message soon reached even more people – volunteers were holding community walks and other events designed to raise awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer. Fifty-eight volunteer-led affiliates across the country have since developed, and the walks, now known as PurpleStride, have become a signature event of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Volunteers not only plan events, they advocate, educate and raise awareness about pancreatic cancer in their communities. Read more.

Our Community

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network was founded on community. We have had success because of it. Our strategy is devoted to it.

Our community is bonded by stories, connectedness, passion and heart, and grows everywhere – in big cities, small towns and close-knit neighborhoods nationwide. The sense of community radiates through our staff and our extensive volunteer network.

Volunteers were there from our humble beginnings, and they remain the heartbeat of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. We are eternally grateful for their contributions.

A strong sense of community among all of our supporters plays a critical role in our growth and success.

This Year

A Strategy for Success

Our comprehensive strategy of funding research through private donations, advocating for increased federal research dollars and making sure patients have access to cutting-edge research is what sets the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network apart from other organizations. This strategy is successful because of the passion and dedication of our donor and volunteer network – a network that has fueled a powerful and relentless pancreatic cancer movement that allows us to push each of these goals forward.

With the power of a growing movement, we set a goal to double survival for pancreatic cancer by 2020.

We will continue to make advances against pancreatic cancer to achieve our Vision of Progress. But our work doesn’t end there.

With a long-term vision and a focused strategy, one day we’ll see the final breakthrough.

Enthusiastic participants showed their purple passion at PurpleStride New York City in April 2013.

Giving Thanks

Thank you to all those who have been part of our journey so far. Thank you to those who remain committed to the cause through your energy, generosity and leadership, and to those who will join us this year, when, as a community, we will continue the fight with the help of our committed donors and volunteers.

Key Accomplishments in 2012-13

We awarded 14 research grants totaling more than $5.045 million, our largest research disbursement to date.

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National Cancer Institute (NCI) funding for pancreatic cancer increased by 6 percent, from $99 million in 2011 to $104.8 million in 2012. This is especially significant considering that overall federal funding levels for medical research have been stagnant or decreasing.

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Our advocates enabled the passage of the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act, which directs the NCI to develop scientific frameworks (strategic plans) that will help provide the strategic direction and guidance needed to make true progress on pancreatic and other deadly cancers.

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PALS (Patient and Liaison Services) served more than 10,700 patients and families, bringing the cumulative total to more than 75,000 served since the program was started in 2002.

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Our outreach and education efforts have increased the volume of clinical trial searches conducted through PALS by 238 percent over the last three years, from 647 searches in 2011 to 2,185 searches in 2013.

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More than 81,000 people attended a Pancreatic Cancer Action Network event, compared with 62,000 the year before, a 31 percent increase.

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Imagine the progress that will be made in the coming decade.

The first Pancreatic Cancer Action Network grant was launched in 2003 to attract junior scientists into the field and encourage them to build a career in pancreatic cancer research.

In the years that have followed, we’ve created grants that attract a range of experience levels and scientific ideas, with the belief that you never know which key will unlock the door to a cure. Our portfolio of grants helps bring us closer to achieving our goals.

We know that for every dollar invested in our grantees, they go on to leverage that into, on average, $9.93 in additional pancreatic cancer research funding, proving that they are doing good work and staying in the field of pancreatic cancer. Our research grants program connects the grantees to each other through a “Community for Progress,” providing networking and mentorship, the chance to meet pancreatic cancer survivors and families, opportunities to speak with members of Congress about the urgent need for further funding, and more. This community adds a unique emotional touch-point and opportunity for idea-sharing that has resonated within our scientific community.

Scientists have made significant progress over the last decade in understanding pancreatic cancer, gaining insights into why it is so difficult to treat, and in beginning to identify clever ways to attack these problems. Just imagine the progress that will be made in the coming decade.

Scientists have made significant progress over the past decade in understanding more about pancreatic cancer.

By The Numbers:

Grants awarded in 2012-13

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Grants awarded cumulatively since 2003

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Increase in amount awarded in 2012-13 – $5.045 million vs. $3.45 million in 2011-12

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Pancreatic cancer-related published papers authored by our 2003-11 grant recipients

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Times these published papers have been built upon and cited in other publications

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We rigorously evaluated our research grants program in early 2013. For more information on our findings, click here.

Years of perseverance meant that, this year, Congress had no choice but to listen.

From our earliest days, our deeply passionate, ever-committed supporters have advocated diligently, purposefully, strategically and unrelentingly for increased federal funding for pancreatic cancer research. And over the years, we have seen the numbers climb: Funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for pancreatic cancer has moved from just over $17 million in 1999 to nearly $105 million in 2012, a 517 percent increase. While this increase is impressive, the funding level is far below what is needed to make true progress in this disease. We also needed a national strategic plan for advancing pancreatic cancer research.

On January 2, President Obama signed into law landmark legislation that will help create that national strategic plan. The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act requires the NCI to create a scientific framework for accelerating progress and improving patient outcomes. Of the 10,500 bills introduced in the 112th Congress, only 193 became law. The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act was one of the less than 2 percent that passed.

Some would call it a herculean effort; it took five years of in-person visits and thousands and thousands of phone calls, emails and letters to elected officials to educate them about pancreatic cancer and the need to increase federal research funding dedicated to studying the disease.

Our community moved mountains to get the bill passed. And today, we are poised to make new strides in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

More than 500 advocates from all 50 states attended the seventh annual Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Day in June 2013.

By The Numbers:

Increase in NCI pancreatic cancer research funding in 2012-13. Overall NCI funding decreased during this same time

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More than 500 individuals from 50 states participated in Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., in June 2013

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Nearly 1,200 individuals placed 3,500 calls to their members of Congress to support the in-person visits on Advocacy Day

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14,123 advocates sent over 36,000 email messages to their elected officials

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The PALS program is the only patient support program of its kind.

Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) is a comprehensive service providing patients and families with immediate and free information and education about pancreatic cancer, diagnosis, treatment options, clinical trials, diet and nutrition, specialists and support resources. The goal of the program is to help patients and their families learn about and understand their options so that they may make informed choices together with their healthcare teams.

New treatments are critical to changing patient outcomes, achieving our Vision of Progress to double the survival for pancreatic cancer by 2020 and ending pancreatic cancer. But clinical trials that lead to new treatments are only as successful as the number of patients who are aware of them and enroll.

PALS encourages all patients to consider clinical trials each time they explore treatment options. PALS Associates are able to perform up-to-date, customized clinical trial searches for patients, thanks to our comprehensive, proprietary in-house clinical trials database.

Our PALS program has served more than 75,000, offering immediate and free access to information about pancreatic cancer.

By The Numbers:

PALS has assisted more than 75,000 contacts since the program’s inception

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Increase in the number of clinical trials searches in 2012-13 – 2,185 vs. 1,689 in 2011-12

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PALS provided more than 55,000 pieces of free educational literature to healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics nationwide in 2012-13

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Educational webinars hosted in 2012-13

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In-person educational events hosted in 2012-13

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People who attended our in-person educational events

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Staff members who speak to patients and families, called PALS Associates, maintained an average quality assurance score of 97% in the services they delivered, the helpfulness of materials provided and the timeliness of the receipt of materials

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It’s clear that people plus passion equals progress.

Major events such as PurpleStride – our signature walk/run planned and hosted by volunteers – increase awareness of pancreatic cancer and the organization, educate local communities about the disease and raise valuable funds.

We also support an army of volunteers as it distributes patient information to hospitals and doctors’ offices, contacts the media and alerts elected officials about the urgent need for scientific progress in pancreatic cancer research. The passion and commitment of our volunteers have created a growing movement that propels our mission forward in each program area.

Within each of the organization’s 58 affiliates, there is an official volunteer structure in place that includes volunteer Affiliate Coordinators, Event Coordinators, Media Representatives, Education & Outreach Coordinators, Advocacy Coordinators, Volunteer Chairs, Sponsorship Chairs and Event Chairs. Community Representatives and Community Advocates further support the mission in strategic, mission-oriented ways in additional communities nationwide. These volunteers sign agreements to officially participate in leadership roles. Each official volunteer role has a committee made up of passionate volunteers that help fulfill the organization’s mission in their community.

An army of volunteers nationwide has created a growing movement that propels our mission forward.

By The Numbers:

Signature events, including PurpleStride/Ride/Swim and Gala events in 2012-13

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PurpleLight Vigil for Hope events in 2012-13

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Participants at our events in 2012-13, compared with 62,348 in 2011-12, a 31% increase

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Pancreatic cancer survivor participants at PurpleStride events

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Raised by 5,371 company and community teams

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Net raised at PurpleStride events in 2012-13 – vs. $8.05 million net in 2011-12, a 30.6% increase

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PurpleStride sponsors; $813,000 value of sponsorship support

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Volunteer leaders

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Volunteers across the country shared their stories and registered more than 2,700 media hits, with a reach in excess of 2 billion impressions

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Donors & Volunteers

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  • 2009 Bonnie Lyn Tobin Trust
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  • SuperGen

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  • American Association for Cancer Research
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  • Bank of America
  • The Bernard Lee Schwartz Foundation
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  • Ed Cantwell
  • Constance Ann Williams Revocable Trust
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  • The George and June Block Family Foundation
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  • Lefkofsky Family Foundation
  • Estate of Mary Frances Johnstone
  • Michael C. Sandler and Brenda R. Potter 1998 Trust
  • Michael & Cindy Landon Foundation
  • Angus Mitchell
  • Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation
  • OSI Pharmaceuticals
  • Patty Boshell Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • The Riordan Foundation
  • Roche Laboratories Inc.
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  • Estate Of Sharon Schwartz
  • Star Magazine
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  • Estate of Roger L. Cordes, Sr.
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  • The Sharon Roberts Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
  • The Shirley Hobbs Martin Memorial Fund
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  • Bradley Tabach-Bank
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center
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$25,000 – $49,999

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  • Tempur-Pedic North America, LLC

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Donations received from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

Celgene Corporation

$250,000 – $499,999

Donations received from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

  • Blum-Kovler Foundation

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Donations received from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

  • The Bernard Lee Schwartz Foundation
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  • Starfish Foundation, Inc.
  • The Susanne and Gary Tobey Family Foundation
  • U.S. Family Guide Pittsburgh Kids Guide.Com
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • WDEF/WDOD/WUUQ Radio Group
  • Mr. and Ms. Robert G. Weber
  • Laurence Weiss
  • WNEP
  • WRCB
  • Yelp

$5,000 – $9,999

Donations received from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

  • 84 Lumber Company
  • Advance Capital Management
  • Albert Whitted Airport Preservation Society
  • AllianceBernstein
  • Allina Health System
  • Alpha Industries
  • Amegy Bank
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Anderson
  • Jennifer Anderson
  • Aquila Productions
  • Antonella P. Arnone
  • Astellas Pharma
  • Automatic Data Processing
  • Autonation
  • Avendra LLC
  • Bank for International Settlements
  • James C. Holleran Memorial Fund
  • Christine Beiriger
  • Susan R. Bennett
  • Berryman Charitable Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tray Black
  • Madeline Block
  • Bluestone Farms LLC
  • Lynn A. Booth
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
  • Eric Butler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Damian Caggiano
  • Canaccord Genuity Inc
  • Lisa A. Cannon-Albright, PhD
  • Capital Group Companies
  • Carstens Inc.
  • Casablanca Inn & Bistro
  • Chang Family 1999 Trust
  • Chase Centers Management
  • Dr. and Mrs. C. Brandon Chenault
  • Cherry Petersen Landry Albert LLP
  • Chevron Humankind Employee Funds & Matching Gifts
  • Clare Rose Foundation
  • Susan Clarkson
  • Clear Channel Media
  • Clear Channel Outdoors
  • Cleveland Indians Baseball Company
  • Cody's Original Roadhouse Bay Pines
  • CSE Federal Credit Union
  • CSTK Velociti Charitable Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bret A. Cuthbertson
  • Dallas Mavericks Basketball Limited
  • Delaware North Companies Sportservice
  • Delta Downs Racetrack Casino and Hotel
  • Detroit Lions Charities
  • Downtown Design Services
  • Mr. and Mrs. William H. Easom
  • Ed Haggar Family Foundation
  • Maija and Alvin L. Eerkes
  • Joan Egrie
  • Ronen Elad and Family
  • The Elsie & Marvin Dekelboum Foundation
  • Employees Community Fund of Boeing California
  • EnCana Oil & Gas (USA)
  • EnvisionRxOptions
  • Valerie Ewell
  • Expedia
  • Fairway Outdoor Advertising
  • Lynn S. Fastuca
  • First Federal Bank
  • First Weber Group Foundation
  • Fluor Cares
  • William Ford, Jr.
  • Framingham Police Association
  • From the Heart of Italy
  • The Funger Foundation
  • Todd Gelfand
  • The George L. Shields Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gifford
  • GM Nameplate
  • Bernie Gottlieb
  • Kirsten D. Goulde
  • Kelly Hall
  • The Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge
  • Kevin S. Hannon
  • Hope Harper
  • Cynthia G. Hello
  • Sandra Hillesheim
  • Holly's Club
  • Homage
  • Ilitch Charities.
  • Invesco Power Shares
  • Dr. William H. Isacoff
  • J and D Shoppers
  • Jim & Shirley Young Charitable Trust
  • John & Hilda Arnold Foundation
  • Margie Johnson
  • Jonco, Inc. dba McDonald's
  • Kent School District #415
  • Ronda Khamsourivong
  • King's Hawaiian
  • Kingstowne Striders
  • Thomas D. Kitz Foundation
  • LA & SF Specialty
  • Stewart Lande
  • The Lane Construction Corporation
  • The Lee - Brookenthal Charitable Fund
  • Steve R. Lorton
  • Love of God Foundation
  • Darla and Alleyn V. Luzum
  • Mary Diaz Pancreatic Cancer Fund
  • Mattress Outlet
  • McCormick and Company
  • Trish McGonigle and Bill Tokheim
  • Allan K. McMorris
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Olga and Philip Megdal
  • Lawrence B. Midtbo
  • David L. Miller
  • The Monique Markarian Revocable Trust
  • Janet R. Mordecai
  • Carol Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Motorola Mobility Foundation
  • Movin & Groovin 5K
  • MurMaid Mattress Factory and Showroom
  • Thomas R. Nides
  • North America Savings Bank
  • Northside Hospital
  • The Oberheide Family Foundation
  • Ellen Pansky
  • Pepsico Foundation
  • Pizza By Pappas
  • Plotkin Family Foundation
  • Gary Poland
  • Beth L. Porzelt
  • Matt Price
  • Providence Business News
  • The Prudential Foundation
  • Purdue Pharma LP
  • The Purple Project Chi Middle School
  • Quicken Loans
  • Ellen S. Rabb
  • Walle Ralkowski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ramer
  • Richard N. Ramsden
  • Leland Reicher
  • Resnick Family Foundation
  • Robert N. and Nancy A. Downey Foundation
  • The Robert R. Baumann Jr. Foundation
  • Rubio's Restaurant
  • Domenic R. Ruscio
  • Ruth Baldauf Levi and Richard A. Levi Charitable Fund
  • Thomas M. Ryan
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
  • Mark Sheridan
  • Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal
  • Traci L. Smallwood
  • St. Pete Road Runners
  • Stanford Cancer Institute
  • Stark Company Realtors
  • Hollie C. Stewart
  • Stupski Family Fund
  • Susan L. Klimaitis Foundation
  • Abiola Taiwo
  • Texas Knee & Sports Medicine
  • The Tower Foundation
  • Barbera Thornhill
  • Janna and Robert Tipton
  • Tower Foundation
  • Trani Family Foundation
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  • U.S. Bank
  • UAB Health System
  • UC Physicians Company
  • United Concordia Dental
  • United Way Of Greater Kansas City
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Upper Path Valley Presbyterian Church
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Walsh, Jr.
  • Leigh Walters Manning
  • Warren Clinic Oncology/NWBCC
  • Eileen M. Wawrzynek
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brad Weinstein
  • Robyn M. Williams
  • Anitra D. Winkler
  • WNCN
  • WPRI 12 / Fox Providence
  • The Wyler Family Foundation
  • Zissu Family Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999

Donations received from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

  • AbbVie
  • Alcoa
  • All Metals Recycling LLC
  • Alliant Energy
  • America Bank of Commerce
  • American Family Insurance
  • American Transmission Company LLC
  • Cathy Ames
  • Gary Anderson
  • Anne and Mead Montgomery Family Foundation
  • Jane M. Anthony
  • Aptalis Pharma
  • Robert Arzbaecher
  • Asuragen
  • BancorpSouth
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays
  • Beaumont Health Systems
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Behnke
  • Bellanti Plumbing
  • Marlys A. Bennett
  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Berger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Berkman
  • Bertha Johnson Memorial For Pan Can
  • Blackstone Laboratories
  • Bloomberg LP
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • BMC Software
  • Boeing Employees Credit Union – BECU
  • The Boyette Family
  • Bravelets
  • Broadway Lews LLC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brown
  • Susan Brown
  • Business Insurance Consultants, Inc.
  • Capital One N.A.
  • Cargill Incorporated
  • Shari Carter
  • Cassandra's Cure for Cancer Foundation, Inc.
  • Castrucci Dealer Group
  • Rebecca A. Chapman
  • Charlotte Gastroenterology & Hepatology PLLC
  • Maureen Chelius
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Cherry
  • Chevron Products Company
  • Thomas Christopher
  • Chubb & Son
  • Cisco Foundation
  • CIT
  • City Farms LLC
  • City National Bank
  • Clark Construction Group LLC
  • Coast Longshore Division
  • Kathy Colby
  • Ned Colletti
  • Convergent Wealth Advisors
  • Daniel Conwil
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Cornelius
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Courtney
  • The Crystal Family Foundation
  • Cuna Mutual
  • Marci Czel
  • Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District
  • Dancers Against Cancer aka: On YourToes Academy of Dance LLC
  • Philip L. Davidson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr.
  • The Defining Line LLC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wade Delisle
  • Cynthia Denis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe DeRosa
  • Mary Kate DeRose
  • Rosalie Dertke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Detherage
  • Ashley Dimond
  • DLR Group
  • Mr. and Ms. Steve J. Donahue
  • Karen Dow
  • Tammy and Steve Ehrmann
  • Shelby Hopkins and Ed Eiker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tim M. Ennis
  • Entercom Communications
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation
  • Josh Fagen
  • Ken W. Falhaber, Sr.
  • Falhaber Nissan
  • Gail Ferber
  • Susan Fisher
  • Julie Fleshman and Randy Kennison
  • Florida Cancer Specialists
  • Michael Forman
  • Jacqualyn A. Fouse
  • Fredman Family Foundation
  • Freese and Nichols
  • Lindsay M. Friedman
  • Friends Of Ginny Brown-Waite
  • Froedtert Health
  • Froggy Radio
  • Amanda R. Frost
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Frost
  • G. Irwin Company
  • Taylor Gallegos
  • Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program
  • Rona and Bruce Greenwald
  • Stephen J. Guariglia
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Gunn
  • Halozyme Therapeutics
  • Mary Hansen
  • Tim Harrison
  • Richard Hausrod
  • Helsinn Therapeutics
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Helton
  • Hempfield Area Senior High School Activity Fund
  • Mary Henry
  • Ruth Herman
  • David P. Hetzel
  • HKS
  • Steve Hopp
  • Hospice Compassus
  • HP Your Cause
  • Illinois Tool Works Foundation
  • Indiana Fever
  • International Longshore Warehouse Union Local 19
  • Ivy Ridge Living
  • Tammy L. Jajola
  • The Janpak Charitable Foundation
  • Betsy R. Kadwit
  • Jeffrey C. Kan
  • Larry Katz
  • Keefer Family Charitable Trust
  • Alice M. Keisling
  • Kent County Memorial Hospital
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • Margaret Keyes
  • Kenneth Kido
  • Kittelson & Associates
  • Marjorie Klayman
  • KMTV
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Michael A. Korengold
  • Lakewood Orthodontics
  • Mr. and Mrs. Seth! Leary
  • Bruce Leff
  • Levine Cancer Institute
  • Lifespan
  • Litchfield Intermediate School
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • LRN Corporation
  • Ludwig Family Foundation
  • Char Lutzi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacCaskill
  • Ken MacDonald
  • James MacGregor
  • Madison Family Dental Associates
  • Magic 98
  • Jeffrey A. Mallace
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manning
  • Stephen Mansfield
  • The Mask and Wig Club of University of PA
  • Mayo Clinic
  • MBE, A UPS Company
  • Danielle McCormack
  • The McDonnel Group
  • Mark McDougall
  • Dr. Kathryn McGonigle & Mr. Dave Rawlings
  • Camille L. McIntosh
  • William H. McVay
  • Merck Partnership for Giving
  • Midwest Cancer Care/MCA Midwest Health System
  • Milken Family Foundation
  • Jim and Karen Mohr
  • Moloney and O'Neill
  • David Moore
  • Moving Solutions
  • Mt Zion Enrichment Center
  • Jeannie Mucklestone
  • MV Rotary Matching Grant
  • Gerald M. Neeson
  • Neil Finn Sports Management
  • Monica Nelson
  • Nintendo of America
  • Nitel
  • Nordson Corporation
  • Northwestern Mutual Foundation
  • Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation
  • The Ohio State University Medical Center
  • OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
  • Cori Olson
  • Pacific Medical
  • Nicole Palumbo
  • Linda and Bruce Pansky
  • Irena Pawlak
  • Pearlstone Family Fund
  • Peter 5K LTD
  • Hunt Pettit
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts Matching Gifts Program
  • Vincent J. Picozzi, MD
  • Pine Crest School
  • QBE
  • Chip Ragen
  • Dr. Pat Rathbone
  • The Ravenous Pig
  • Redpath Integrated Pathology
  • Lynn Reilly and James Walker
  • Rebecca Reynolds
  • Mary Kay Richter
  • Kelly Riddle
  • Robert R. McCormick Foundation
  • Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP Charitable Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kent N. Rotering
  • Charlene Rouse
  • RunTex
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sarvas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sarvas
  • Scripps Health - Scripps Cancer Center
  • ScriptPro LLC
  • Sells Middle School
  • Cindy Shapiro
  • Barbara and Randy Smith
  • Sarah L. Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marty Smolkowski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sommer
  • Dan Spain
  • Stein/Gelberg Foundation
  • The Stephen J. Eshman and George E. Randall Memorial Fund
  • Stiefel Family Foundation
  • Josette Sullivan
  • Surgical Care Affiliates
  • Synthetic Resources
  • Oleg Tabakov
  • Daniel Tearpock
  • Terranova & Associates LLC
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Thomas E. Smith Living Trust
  • Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo Family Fund
  • Leigh Thomas
  • Times Shamrock Communication
  • Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Tomaras
  • Tomo Therapy Incorporated
  • Tri State Custom Windows
  • Cindy Trochlil
  • Trunkline Gas Co. Trunkline LNG Co.
  • U.S. Bancorp Foundation
  • UBS Employee Giving Programs
  • UC Health
  • UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
  • University Medical Group
  • University Of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC Liver Cancer Center
  • UW Carbone Cancer Center
  • Verizon Foundation
  • Rich Vezina
  • Laurie Wagner
  • The Wag Shop Colfax LLC
  • Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wayne
  • WCCC Radio
  • Melissa Weakly
  • West Monroe Partners
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris White
  • Greg Willard
  • Williams Foundation
  • Willis of Greater Kansas
  • Alan E. Wilson
  • Jane P. Wilson
  • Mya Win
  • Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University
  • The Witter Group LLC Public Relations
  • Lauren Yates

FY2012-13 Core Role Volunteers

*Includes volunteers who served in a core role capacity anytime between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. We apologize in advance if any of our dedicated leaders have been inadvertently left off of this list.

Volunteer Advisory Council

  • Tammy Andries
  • Melissa Benson
  • Mariann Cheney
  • Todd Cohen
  • Brenda Coleman
  • Maija Eerkes
  • Carol Foreman
  • Noila Johnson
  • Lindsey McDonald
  • Greg Petrosewicz
  • Gael Sandoval
  • Jay Stern
  • Nicole Trella


  • Abby Balogh
  • Abigail Brown
  • Adrienne E. Turner
  • Aileen Musselman
  • Aimee Sherman
  • Alex Monteiro
  • Alicia C. Monday
  • Allison Farmer
  • Allison K. Whisman
  • Allison Watson
  • Allison Wied
  • Allyn Mattox
  • Amanda E. Hapgood
  • Amanda West
  • Amy C. Boettcher
  • Amy Crim Macko
  • Amy Cunningham
  • Amy D. Quijas
  • Amy E. Osteryoung
  • Amy Hardesty
  • Amy L. DiBella
  • Ana M. Shook
  • Andrea Bauer
  • Andres E. Tejidor
  • Angela Frolander
  • Angela I. Canady
  • Angela M. Lynch
  • Angie Schoonmaker
  • Anita H. Marks
  • Ann M. Bywaters
  • Ann Martin
  • Annamarie Calkins
  • Anne Grigg
  • Annie A. Pixley
  • Ariane Chapple
  • Ashleigh J. Coffee
  • Astrid Olfenbuttel Huber
  • Audrey Montalto
  • Ausma Lidacis
  • Barb A. Geraghty
  • Barbara C. Stephens
  • Barbara J. Karlen
  • Barbara J. Kitz
  • Ben A. Schecter
  • Beth Corlett
  • Beth Judge
  • Beth Willis-Stevenson
  • Beverly J. Weitzenhoffer
  • Billy Shayman
  • Bob Lougheed
  • Bonnie Heinrich
  • Brandy L. Glick
  • Breanne E. Hagen
  • Brenda M. Coleman
  • Brian D. Hall
  • Brian R. Green
  • Brian T. Poe
  • Britt Hefelfinger
  • Bruce Platt
  • Carol L. Foreman
  • Carol Tyler
  • Carolynn A. McMahan
  • Cassandra Stoneberg
  • Catie Cole
  • Chad Foerster
  • Charisse A. Cameron
  • Charlie Steinhice
  • Charlotte Garrett
  • Chea Waters Evans
  • Chelsea Orvella
  • Cheryl Derricotte
  • Cheryl Martin
  • Chris Burroughs
  • Christina H. Jagielski
  • Christine M. Carey
  • Christine Mukete
  • Christine Sterne
  • Christopher Lee
  • Christopher Young
  • Christy L. Mowell
  • Cindy Bittman
  • Cindy Minka
  • Colleen M. Kmiecik
  • Courtney Vaught
  • Courtneylee B. Martinez
  • Crystal Buss
  • Dana Quinn
  • Danielle Gentry-Barth
  • Danielle Zepp
  • Darlene Lindner
  • David Fuehrer
  • David R. McElhaney
  • David V. Vermeire
  • Dawn Eig
  • Deana Potterf
  • Deanna M. Federico
  • Debbie Honeker
  • Debbie Orel
  • Debbie S. Cooper
  • Debra G. Mayer
  • Debra Wittig
  • Denise Bartle
  • Denise Centola
  • Denise D. Lebrun
  • Devesa S. Niro
  • Diane Borrison
  • Diane Black
  • Diane Jensen
  • Diane Patino
  • Diane Schooley-Pettis
  • Diane Tague
  • Don E. Furko
  • Donna M. Hager
  • Douglas Ellmore, Sr.
  • Dwight Tovey
  • Edith A. Snider
  • Effie T. Baily
  • Elena Piexoto
  • Elinor Craig
  • Elizabeth Batchelder
  • Elizabeth Canuas
  • Elizabeth Carranza-Habib
  • Ellen Zeltmann
  • Ellie Goltz
  • Emily Donaldson
  • Emily Falhaber
  • Emily H. Rhue
  • Emily Hanson
  • Emily Tedone
  • Eric L. Costantino
  • Eric Stark
  • Erin Corwin
  • Ethan Blum
  • Frances Czarnecki
  • Francisco Oropeza
  • Gael Sandoval
  • Gail Betts
  • Gail Williams
  • Gary Gute
  • Gary R. Lipsey
  • Gaspar Escobar
  • Georgina Van Horn
  • Ginnie Jed
  • Greg Detter
  • Greg Petrosewicz
  • Gretchen Bennett
  • Guillermo Dekat
  • Gwynne C. Lundy
  • Heather S. Bowman
  • Helen West
  • Holly E. Caraway
  • Holly Patz
  • Inez Lobato-Winter
  • Jacki M. Degnan
  • Jacqueline Starnes
  • Jake C. Coleman
  • James Gonzales
  • James L. Teesdale
  • Jami S. Oliver
  • Janet Stearns
  • Janie L. Mock
  • Jay Longley
  • Jay Stern
  • Jeanette L. Grant
  • Jeanette Pressman
  • Jeanne Lipshetz
  • Jeff Thaxton
  • Jeffrey A. Ross
  • Jen Mascia
  • Jenifer Rorech
  • Jenina Soto
  • Jenna Ward
  • Jennie Bollinger
  • Jennifer Donahue
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Jennifer Kirsch
  • Jennifer L. Luna
  • Jennifer L. Moffett
  • Jennifer Rose-Utley
  • Jennifer Sanders
  • Jennifer Scheinman
  • Jenny Finkbiner
  • Jerald L. Varner
  • Jessica A. Turberville
  • Jessica Thompson
  • Jill Anonson
  • Joan Mabbutt
  • Jody A. Kruep
  • Joe H. Westcott
  • Joe Pisanelli
  • Johanna Hilbers
  • John A. Rupp
  • John Bradley
  • John F. Rovegno
  • John Harris
  • John Plata
  • John Shimabukuro
  • Jonathan C. Billings
  • Joseph DiBella
  • Joy P. Kropiewnicki
  • Joyce M. Worley
  • Judith Lamson-Rockwell
  • Judy B. Lloyd
  • Julie Detherage
  • Julie M. Linse
  • Julie Miller
  • Justen Meyer
  • Jutta Stallman
  • Kandi A. Wood
  • Kara Friedrich
  • Karen Frejlach
  • Karen Sharkey
  • Karl Moran
  • Karm Halpenny
  • Katherine S. Crane
  • Kathryn Brekle
  • Kathryn R. Hogan
  • Kathy Andrews
  • Kathy Garcia
  • Kathy Hlebichuk
  • Katie Capehart
  • Katie M. Boucher
  • Katie Meyer
  • Katie Walthall
  • Kelli M. Steckbauer
  • Kelli W. Dailey
  • Kelly A. Smith
  • Kelly Cruise
  • Kelly J. Barber
  • Kelly Sims
  • Kelly Weekes
  • Kelly Yow
  • Kelsey Petty
  • Ken Keating
  • Ken W. Falhaber
  • Kenneth W. Cunzeman
  • Kevin Bendemire
  • Kevin M. Gannon
  • Kim Downs
  • Kimberly Graham
  • Kimberly J. Dowling
  • Kira L. Browder
  • Kristen L. DeSanctis
  • Kristen L. Sweet
  • Kristin Vander Kam
  • Kristin Wishon
  • Laura E. Hardy
  • Laura L. Cross
  • Laura Miller
  • Laura Pentova
  • Lauren Ballough
  • Lauren E. Boyle
  • Leah M. Howard
  • Leslie A. Terranova
  • Leslie J. Walder
  • Linda Carranza
  • Linda Gruchala
  • Linda Johnson
  • Linda L. Cain
  • Linda l. Smilie
  • Lindsay M. Friedman
  • Lindsey McDonald
  • Lindsey Mitchell
  • Lisa Beckendorf
  • Lisa M. D'Arcangelis
  • Lori A. Turner
  • Lori B. Colwell
  • Lori C. Matteson
  • Lori Murray
  • Lori Viola
  • Lou Ellen Tarwater
  • Lynn Allen
  • Maija Eerkes
  • Mandy Bartle
  • Marcelino Canuas
  • Marcie Levey
  • Margot L. Vela
  • Maria Otey
  • Maria Salesi
  • Marian P. Cardona
  • Marian Swanson
  • Mariann Cheney
  • Marie Schmader
  • Marijo Reed
  • Mario Hernandez
  • Marion Mallins
  • Marisa Sharkey
  • Mark Weber
  • Marla D. Wagner
  • Marty Holzman
  • Mary B. Cummings
  • Mary Jo Jennings
  • Mary Jo Mahowald
  • Marykaye Mackulin
  • Matt Hanson
  • Maureen Feck
  • Maurice L. Bason
  • Meg Stegall
  • Megan Jones
  • Megan L. Graham
  • Megan Martin
  • Meghan M. Combs
  • Melanie Pettingill
  • Melinda Santoyo
  • Melissa A. Rupp
  • Melissa Benson
  • Melissa J. Smith
  • Melissa K. Albert
  • Melissa Pertschi
  • Melissa Tobin
  • Michael E. Linse
  • Michael Montalto
  • Michael P. Taylor
  • Michael Poirier
  • Michael R. Fine
  • Michael Thorpe
  • Michael Timmermann
  • Michael Weinstein
  • Michele D. Wood
  • Michelle McElhaney
  • Michelle P. Oesterle
  • Mike Gau
  • Mikel S. Wilkins
  • Monique Castano
  • Morgan L. Conn
  • Nancy A. Marian
  • Nancy Murphy Bowles
  • Nathan McMorrow
  • Nick Friedmann
  • Nick Planeta
  • Nick Textor
  • Nicole Castillo
  • Nicole Gorgen
  • Nicole Lautieri
  • Nicole Paus
  • Nicole Siegle
  • Nicole Trella
  • Noila S. Johnson
  • Paige Hawkins
  • Pamela Walker
  • Paul Savage
  • Rachael Klotzberger
  • Rachael M. Sandahl
  • Ralph E. Cheney
  • Randi Ousley
  • Raul Garza
  • Rebecca Blaho
  • Rebecca Morales
  • Rebecca Shanahan
  • Renee Cash
  • Richard Crandall
  • Ricky Bartle
  • Robby Thomas
  • Robert T. Rakossy
  • Roberta Luna
  • Rocio Rosas
  • Rodney R. Julian
  • Rona Greenwald
  • Ronald Russotti
  • Rose-Anne Hovey
  • Ruth D. Helgerud
  • Sally M. Thomsen
  • Samantha K. Myers
  • Sandi G. Field
  • Sandra Dodson
  • Sarah Bynum
  • Sarah E. Grant
  • Sarah Swanson
  • Scott Decker
  • Scott Strong
  • Shamira Gelin
  • Shannon C. Taylor
  • Shante Nasir
  • Sharyle Slesur
  • Shelly Foster
  • Shena Hamel
  • Sheryl L. Taylor
  • Silvana Brindisi
  • Sonya R. Martin
  • Staci Schecter
  • Stacy Fletcher
  • Stacy Mackin-McLeod
  • Stan Vitikas
  • Stefanie A. Merkosky
  • Stefanie Abate
  • Stephanie K. Bennett
  • Stephanie P. Blash
  • Steve Lipshetz
  • Steve Pfleger
  • Steven Smith
  • Sue K. Wright
  • Susan B. Connors
  • Susan Bruck
  • Susan G. Young
  • Susan J. Decker
  • Susan M. Black
  • Susan Okula
  • Susan S. Bowman
  • Suzanne Bourdeau
  • Suzanne Krohn
  • Suzy Marshall
  • Tabatha L. Johnson
  • Tamara McCullen
  • Tammy L. Andries
  • Tara D. Wheeler
  • Teresa A. Grabowski
  • Teresa Hogue
  • Teresa M. Barth
  • Teri J. Larson
  • Terri Bertoli
  • Terri Capozzo
  • Terri E. Nabozny
  • Terri Groh
  • Terry J. Lavin
  • Theresa Stern Valentic
  • Thomas J. Pyden
  • Todd Jarecki
  • Todd R. Cohen
  • Todd Richmond
  • Tom Gill
  • Toni Cunningham
  • Tracy McNichol
  • Tracy Theiss
  • Travis Simpson
  • Trina L. Haeffel
  • Veronica Weiters
  • Vic Luna
  • Vicki Friedman
  • Vicki Henricks
  • Vicki L. Friedman
  • Virginia F. Holleman
  • Wendy Stoneberg
  • Whitney Thomas
  • Wynne Begun
  • Yadhav Jayaraman
  • Yumi Totani
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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Laurie MacCaskill
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Julie Fleshman, JD, MBA
    President and CEO
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Peter Kovler
    Washington, DC
  • Terrence Meck
    New York, NY
  • Stuart E. Rickerson
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • Jeanne Ruesch
    Vice Chair
    Chevy Chase, MD
  • Cynthia Stroum
    Founding Chair Emeritus
    Seattle, WA

Medical Advisory

  • Vincent J. Picozzi, MD
    Virginia Mason Medical Center
    Seattle, WA
  • Jordan Berlin, MD
    Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
    Nashville, TN
  • Marcia I. Canto, MD
    Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, MD
  • Christopher Crane, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Houston, TX
  • James Farrell, MD
    Yale University School of Medicine
    New Haven, CT
  • George A. Fisher, Jr., MD, PhD
    Stanford University
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Jason B. Fleming, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Houston, TX
  • Jane Hanna, RN, OCN
    Georgetown University Hospital
    Washington, DC
  • Joseph M. Herman, MD, MSc
    Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, MD
  • Mokenge Malafa, MD
    Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
    Tampa, FL
  • Eileen O‘Reilly, MD
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
    New York, NY
  • Maria Petzel, RD, CSO, LD, CNSC
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Houston, TX
  • Philip Agop Philip, MD, PhD
    Kamanos Cancer Center
    Farmington Hills, MI
  • Mark Pochapin, MD
    New York University
    New York, NY
  • Mark Talamonti, MD
    Northshore University HealthSystem Evanston, IL

Scientific Advisory

  • Anirban Maitra, MBBS
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Houston, TX
  • Dafna Bar-Sagi, PhD
    New York University
    New York, NY
  • Sunil Hingorani, MD, PhD
    University of Washington
    Seattle, WA
  • Michael Hollingsworth, PhD
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Omaha, NE
  • Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue, MD, PhD
    Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, MD
  • Kimberly Kelly, PhD
    University of Virginia
    Charlottesville, VA
  • Steven Leach, MD
    Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, MD
  • Frank McCormick, PhD, FRS
    University of California, San Francisco
    San Francisco, CA
  • Gloria Petersen, PhD
    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, MN
  • Anil Rustgi, MD
    University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Diane Simeone, MD
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • Margaret Tempero, MD
    University of California, San Francisco
    San Francisco, CA
  • Craig Thompson, MD
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
    New York, NY
  • Robert Vonderheide, MD, DPhil
    University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Geoffrey Wahl, PhD
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies
    La Jolla, CA

2012-13 Financial Results

Statement of Activities Year ended June 30, 2013
Statement of Financial Position Year ended June 30, 2013
Statement of Activites
Revenue 2013 2012
Contributions $8,964,579 $7,120,972
Special Events — Net 10,705,207 8,771,804
Investments, store and other 218,594 571,388
Net Revenue Sources 19,888,380 16,464,164
Expenses 2013 2012
Program Services
Research 6,914,781 5,032,781
Advocacy 2,208,453 1,912,723
Patient Services 2,655,869 2,418,367
Community Outreach 4,817,307 3,749,048
Total Program Services 16,596,410 13,112,919
Supporting Services
General and Administrative 587,363 500,645
Fundraising 1,737,180 1,454,887
Total Supporting Services 2,324,543 1,955,532
Total Expenses 18,920,953 15,068,451
Increase in Net Assets $967,427 $1,395,713
Statement of Activites
Assets 2013 2012
Cash and cash equivalents $1,662,657 $1,450,462
Investments 11,060,486 8,514,725
Pledges and Sundry receivables, net 2,447,207 1,456,975
Prepaid expenses and inventory 365,780 596,790
Property and equipment, net 722,370 694,539
Other assets 101,898 77,305
Total Assets $16,360,398 $12,790,796
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts payable, accrued and other liabilities $1,275,797 $1,165,631
Grant obligations 5,759,930 3,271,280
Deferred lease liability 620,517 617,158
Total Liabilities 7,656,244 5,054,069
Net Assets
Unrestricted 7,688,805 6,984,947
Temporarily restricted 1,015,349 751,780
Total Net Assets 8,704,154 7,736,727
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $16,360,398 $12,790,796

These financial statements were abstracted from Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's June 30, 2013 and June 30, 2012 financial statements, which were audited by Windes & McClaughry Accountancy Corporation. Because the information does not include all the disclosures required by U.S. generally accepted accounting principles, it does not purport to present Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's financial condition or results of activities. A copy of the audited financial statements is available online and can also be provided upon request from our national office.

Total Revenue 2000-13

2013 Total Revenue Chart

Revenue Contribution by Source 2003-13

Click on years above to see contributions by individual year.

  • orange An Evening with the Stars
  • red Volunteer-driven events
  • blue Individual
  • green Foundation
  • pink Corporate
  • yellow Investments and other

Cost Distribution 2003-13

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  • Green Research Grant Costs
  • Red Research & Scientific Affairs
  • Orange Community Outreach
  • Blue Patient Services
  • Yellow Advocacy
  • Pink Fundraising
  • Purple General & Administrative