Our Volunteer Core Values

Volunteer driven and developed, our Volunteer Core Values are personal commitments to stay focused on the vision of the organization.

Volunteer Values compassion Hope Passion Integrity


We provide a caring, encouraging, environment where people can invest themselves and make a difference.

We will:

  • Welcome and engage new volunteers in a meaningful way
  • Provide comfort through empathetic support
  • Celebrate success and show gratitude

We won’t:

  • Promote individual agendas above the organization’s mission, vision, values and behaviors
  • Let disappointment deter us from our mission
  • Blame, ridicule others, or make excuses


Through our actions, we are determined to lead measurable change and create hope to support our comprehensive mission.

We will:

  • Tenaciously seek opportunities to “mobilize the troops”
  • Develop and adapt innovative approaches
  • Embody unrelenting optimism and incorporate fun

We won’t:

  • Display behaviors that convey an unhopeful message
  • Take people’s contributions for granted
  • Forget the legacies of those we have lost to pancreatic cancer


We are an enthusiastic, action-oriented team of passionate volunteers, providing leadership in our communities.

We will:

  • Work together in the spirit of collaboration internally and externally
  • Behave positively and professionally
  • Take initiative to achieve the volunteer action plan
  • Think creatively to “connect the dots”
  • Overcome roadblocks to reach our goals

We won’t:

  • Allow the desires of one to trump the group’s priorities
  • Let passion be consumed by negative behavior
  • Disrespect other people’s time


We are committed to act with integrity, responsibility and accountability to our mission.

We will:

  • Understand and share our mission, vision, values and behaviors
  • Take ownership and follow through
  • Foster open and honest communication
  • Respect diverse ideas and opinions


We won’t:

  • Publicly promote views that conflict with the organization’s view
  • Make public negative comments about the organization or disparage the brand
  • Behave in an unethical manner
  • Limit patient choices by not directing through the Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) program