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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Luis Flores
Mi historia empieza a fines de Mayo del 2007 en Antofagasta (zona minera norte de Chile), allí la gastritis crónica que padecía desde el 2002 se agudiza, por esta razón regreso a Santiago de Chile para tomar mi vuelo de retorno a Lima (Perú). En Lima, de inmediato visito al gastroenterólogo que me receta los medicamentos necesarios y me dice que vuelva en un mes, el tratamiento no dio resultado y tenía mareos, nauseas, vómitos y una depresión terrible. Los primeros días de Julio regreso al consultorio, el médico me propone un cambio de...
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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Javier Merino
Hola, yo me llamo Javier, hace diez años me dijeron que tenía cáncer pancreático.Mi historia empezó cuando tenía un dolor terrible en el medio del estomago y que iba alrededor hasta mi espalda.  Fui al doctor y me dio un diagnostico preliminar de pancreatitis aguda, también me dijo el doctor que fuera a un especialista para ver la raíz del dolor, me hicieron un lote de exámenes y no podían decirme definitivamente que era lo que tenia.El especialista me mando a ver otro doctor que tiene una maquina muy especializada que mete un cable...
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Survivor Story: Steve Kelly
Father's Day 2014 will be truly amazing. If I burn the burgers, no sweat; we'll order pizza. If it rains from dawn to dusk, oh, well, my lawn will look great. A so-so tie from the kids? I'll wear it all day with a favorite, well-worn T-shirt. You see, a year ago the odds of me being here today were about 1-in-4. Two weeks after running in the 10-mile 2013 Broad Street Run in Philadelphia at a clip 6 minutes faster than the year before, I started on a diet of common over-the-counter drugs to quell stomach pains. If...
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Donor Story: Barbara Maffett
A Planned Gift Ensures That My Husband’s Legacy Lives On and That the Work of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Continues for Future Generations My husband, Jack, and I were always content simply hanging out together. It didn't take much to entertain us. We loved being with each other, and it didn't matter where we were. Although occasionally we'd treat ourselves to a short trip to the North Carolina mountains or our nearby beaches, we were just as happy being at home. Friends said we were joined at the hip....
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Donor Story: Jay and Barbara Schwantes
How I achieved my childhood dream, and with it, a legacy gift I am in my 72nd year now, and when this is disclosed, most people do not believe it. There are two conclusions as to why. The first is that I was born at an early age.  When I was just a youngster my dad asked me if I would like to hear the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl. Being like any other self-respecting little kid, I responded: “huh?” I had no idea what to expect. Our tickets put us at the very rear of the bowl, but...
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Donor Story: Marsha (Garil) Balsinger
When my husband Stanley was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1997, the doctor estimated that he had three to six months to live. He almost made the six-month survival mark.  Stanley was a quiet man, but when you least expected it he would throw out a zinger of a one-liner that would crack everybody up. His sense of humor was unexpected, but it made an impact.   His pancreatic cancer diagnosis was equally unexpected and impacted our lives beyond imagine.   In need of support and...
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Survivor Story: Bob Myers
In September of 2009, at the age of 60, a stone lodged in my kidney prompted a painful trip to the ER where they did a CT scan.  The doctor said, "You do have a large kidney stone but there is something else going on in there.”  I didn't know at the time how that "something else" would change my life.  The next month I underwent a seven hour operation to remove a baseball sized pancreatic neuroendocrine cancerous tumor, 40 percent of my pancreas, spleen, and twenty lymph nodes.  The cancer had spread to eight of the lymph nodes....
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Survivor Story: Mike Santina
It all started with an itch.  It was February and I had my typical winter cold and the itch started just as I was coming off a round of antibiotics.  I went back to urgent care, and they assumed it was a penicillin allergy and gave me a high grade steroid.  This knocked the itch away but in April, it came back stronger than ever.  It felt like I had rolled in fiberglass; I was itchy head to toe.  It was an itch like I had never had - in my fingers, my eyes, and even my ears.  Nothing helped ease the pain.  I struggled with this for about three weeks...
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Caregiver Story: Cara Starick
My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on October 4, 2013, which was not what we were expecting to hear that day.  Thinking we had caught the cancer in time, she was scheduled to have the Whipple procedure on my 27th birthday.  However, her doctor could not continue with surgery as the cancer had spread to her liver.She thought about how to proceed and decided to fight, after all she has grandkids!  She has been receiving treatment since December.  Before starting chemotherapy, her cancer markers were at 690.  She had...
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Researcher Story: Andrew Aguirre, MD, PhD
From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. During my freshman year of college, I was able to work in an exciting cancer research laboratory, an experience that made me realize that I wanted to integrate biomedical research as a major part of my future career. Enrolling in a joint MD/PhD program at Harvard Medical School was the perfect next step for me. I find that nothing can compare to the gratification of interacting directly with patients and family members, and impacting their medical care each day. However, my work in the lab brings a...
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