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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Luis Flores
Mi historia empieza a fines de Mayo del 2007 en Antofagasta (zona minera norte de Chile), allí la gastritis crónica que padecía desde el 2002 se agudiza, por esta razón regreso a Santiago de Chile para tomar mi vuelo de retorno a Lima (Perú). En Lima, de inmediato visito al gastroenterólogo que me receta los medicamentos necesarios y me dice que vuelva en un mes, el tratamiento no dio resultado y tenía mareos, nauseas, vómitos y una depresión terrible. Los primeros días de Julio regreso al consultorio, el médico me propone un cambio de...
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Historia de un Sobreviviente: Javier Merino
Hola, yo me llamo Javier, hace diez años me dijeron que tenía cáncer pancreático.Mi historia empezó cuando tenía un dolor terrible en el medio del estomago y que iba alrededor hasta mi espalda.  Fui al doctor y me dio un diagnostico preliminar de pancreatitis aguda, también me dijo el doctor que fuera a un especialista para ver la raíz del dolor, me hicieron un lote de exámenes y no podían decirme definitivamente que era lo que tenia.El especialista me mando a ver otro doctor que tiene una maquina muy especializada que mete un cable...
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Donor Story: Judy Leuteneker
“If We All Stand Together, We Can Make a Difference” The larkspur was blooming a brilliant deep purple in June 2012, the day Judy Leuteneker, her husband Mike, and their 2- and 4-year-old children first participated in PurpleStride Denver. The family stood together, among more than 1,000 walkers and runners dressed in purple, and Leuteneker felt energized and inspired. “I saw people striding in memory of loved ones, which was wonderful,” she said. “But I also saw survivors. My whole life, I’d thought that if...
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Donor Story: Judy Stein
On January 22, 1997, my husband, Randy Stein, was diagnosed with stage-four, inoperable pancreatic cancer, with metastases to the spleen and kidneys. At that time, the doctors told us he had three months to live. Healthcare professionals, friends and family tried to help, but they really didn’t have any experience in dealing with the disease. The Internet only provided dire statistics and we did not know of any survivors. Ultimately, we found great medical care, and we dealt with each challenge as it presented itself. In spite of that...
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Donor Story: Ambassador Cynthia Stroum
I was introduced to pancreatic cancer when Sam Stroum, my strong, fearless father, was diagnosed with the disease in 2000. I became my dad’s cheerleader that day, and I told him I’d always fight for him. I fought for him and beside him for 11 months after his diagnosis, until he passed away on March 9, 2001. I feel very fortunate that, over the years, I’ve been able to keep his memory alive in a way that has significance for me – and that would have meant a lot to him. My dad was ravenous when it came to medical research. I knew...
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Survivor Story: Scherry Samuels
My husband and I were on vacation in Florida in January, 2013, when I started itching. It was uncontrollable, middle of the night, holding a bag of frozen veggies to calm my hands itching. Believing I had an allergic reaction to something, I went to a walk-in clinic and was prescribed medication for the itch. I’d been to the doctor multiple times for months just feeling ‘off’ — general lethargy, depression that came and went, digestive issues, but nothing showed up in tests. After we moved on to the next campground I got a call to go to the...
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Survivor Story: Diane Borrison
In July, 2014 I celebrated eight years of stage II pancreatic adenocarcinoma survival. I was diagnosed because my yellow skin and eyes sent me to my doctor to find out what was wrong. Prior to that time I had always considered myself to be very healthy. I've always been physically active. I never smoked nor been overweight. I had recently had a little weight loss, but who wouldn't welcome that? Tests and scans indicated cancer and seemed to show that I was a candidate for the Whipple surgery. How and why had this deadly cancer attacked me? I was shocked. ...
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Survivor Story: Berenice Yoder
I will be a seven year pancreatic cancer survivor this coming November. When I found out I had cancer, I had no idea what pancreatic cancer was. It had never touched my immediate or extended family. It was something you heard of or read about, not something that happened to you. This illness changed my life. It gave me more will to live, to be able to finish raising my then 13-year-old daughter who had just lost her dad 15 months before. It taught me to fight, and to never give up. There is always hope even through the pain and grief and anger that is...
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Survivor Story: Leslie Bergson
I Walk About two years ago I was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. Five weeks later, I underwent a Whipple procedure to remove it. I was in ICU for four days. On the first day that I was transferred to a telemetry unit, my surgeon told me that he wanted me to start walking around the unit three times a day. So I walked. With my heart monitor in one hand and my spouse holding my IV pole, I walked. With complications which required another surgery, I was in the hospital for just under one month. Except for the day of the...
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Survivor Story: Mike Furgerson
I would like to start off by saying that I am a Christian. As I read other survivor stories, I see many that have commonalities with mine - faith in Christ and physical exercise. Until April, 2012, my medical history was only a couple of lines long; I was very healthy. But that was to change quickly. During March, 2012, I began to itch all over; it was enough to keep me awake at night. I thought that I had an allergy. I went to my doctor and he started running tests. On April 13, during an ERCP procedure, a blockage in my bile duct was diagnosed as...
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