Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition for Pancreatic Cancer

Many people with pancreatic cancer experience significant challenges in the area of diet and nutrition.  With the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, patients should incorporate a healthy diet and nutritional plan, developed together with a doctor or registered dietitian. 

The patient’s nutritional goal should be to consume an adequate amount of fluids, calories, protein and vitamins each day to maintain a desirable weight and activity level.  Small, frequent meals throughout the day (five to six meals/snacks total), with each having a rich source of protein, are usually best tolerated. 

The primary nutrition goals of changes in diet are to:

  • Prevent or reverse poor nutrition.
  • Maintain dose and schedule of cancer treatments.
  • Manage symptoms.
  • Maintain or improve weight and strength.

Before making changes in diet or using nutritional supplements, it is important to discuss these topics with a doctor or registered dietitian.


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