Support patients considering Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials


The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network recommends that all patients consider clinical trials when exploring treatment options. Clinical trials provide current patients the opportunity to receive promising drugs or treatments, and help speed scientific progress toward therapeutic breakthroughs for those who have yet to be diagnosed.

Patients considering clinical trials often have many questions. The Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) program at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can provide information and education about clinical trials. In order to augment the education provided by PALS, we are looking for survivors who have participated in a clinical trial to share their experiences and help others understand what it is like to participate.

If you have been part of a clinical trial and would like to support other patients considering this treatment option, please click here.*

By volunteering to share your experiences in this way, you will be taking part in the Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial Education & Support Program, a new initiative of the PALS program. Volunteers will be asked to commit to speaking over the phone and by email to other patients considering clinical trials. A training program will provided and is required for participation.

*Not all individuals will be selected to participate.