Emeritus Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

The Emeritus Scientific and Medical Advisory Board includes scientists and clinicians who have previously served on the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. These scientists and physicians continue to provide guidance and expertise on our programs and services as circumstances warrant.

Teri Brentnall, MD
University of Washington

Marcia Canto, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Christopher Crane, MD
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Ralph H. Hruban, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Elizabeth Jaffee, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Craig D. Logsdon, PhD
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mokenge Malafa, MD
Moffitt Cancer Center

Margaret Mandelson, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Frank McCormick, PhD, FRS
University of California, San Francisco

Mary Mulcahy, MD
Northwestern University

Mark Pochapin, MD
New York University

Mark Talamonti, MD
NorthShore University HealthSystem

Craig Thompson, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

David A. Tuveson, MD, PhD
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Selwyn Vickers, MD
University of Minnesota

Geoffrey M. Wahl, PhD
Salk Institute