Grants Awarded

Since the inception of the grants program in 2003, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has awarded nearly $23 million in research grant funding. Read biographical information, descriptions of proposed projects, and research progress of each grant recipient in this section.

Use the chart below to find the grant recipients and projects categorized by year of grant, type of grant received, or research topic (listed by Common Scientific Outline, a standardized system for coding cancer research).

Over the years, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network grant recipients have made significant progress towards the understanding of pancreatic cancer, improved diagnostic tools, and novel treatment modalities. Click here to learn about some of the research accomplishments of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network grant recipients.

Each year, we thoroughly evaluate our research grants program to assess its effectiveness in building a comprehensive research community and moving the science toward a cure. Read more about the impact of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network research grants program.