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Please donate by June 30.

To double survival for pancreatic cancer by 2020, we need your help in pushing research forward today.

Meeting our $200,000 fundraising goal means we can end our fiscal year strong. More importantly, it means we can continue to fund research in the area of early detection, which helps answer questions like, "Can the onset of diabetes signal early development of pancreatic cancer?"

Up to two-thirds of pancreatic cancer patients experience the onset of diabetes in the three years prior to their cancer diagnosis. We recently awarded a grant to a prominent pancreatic cancer researcher to identify the link between diabetes and early-stage pancreatic tumors to see if diabetes onset might be a signal for early detection. Your donation today ensures scientific breakthroughs tomorrow.

Be a part of history as we seek to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. Please make your gift by June 30.

P.S. For 10 consecutive years we have earned a four-star rating (the highest available) by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest charity evaluator, for our sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency.


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