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Congressional Update


November 20, 2014

Congress has returned to Capitol Hill and faces a host of critical issues. At the top of lawmakers’ to-do list is completing work on spending bills, including the Labor-HHS-Education bill that funds the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Defense bill, which supports peer-reviewed pancreatic cancer research.

In September, Congress passed a continuing resolution, or “CR,” that allowed programs to keep operating at last year’s funding levels. But that stop-gap funding expires on December 11.

Congress’s two options are to pass another CR that extends current funding levels to sometime later in 2015 (possibly until the end of the government’s fiscal year on October 31, 2015) or to pass a big spending package, called an “omnibus,” that allows Congress to tweak funding levels for different programs. We are asking Congress to take the omnibus route as we believe that option allows the greatest chance for more funding for the NIH.

This is important because under current funding levels, when accounting for inflation, NIH funding has dropped 22 percent since 2003. The National Cancer Institute’s budget has been cut even more – 24.7 percent, or $1.1 billion!

Click here to see the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s letter asking Congress to pass an omnibus appropriations bill as soon as possible and to make pancreatic cancer research a national priority. Click on the button below to send your own message to Congress.


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